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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lunch Outing

I didn't bring my camera, so rely on my camera phone *cough XD

Oh, yet another hot sunny day and most probably will shower around evening ^^;

And whoever is calling me, identify urself, or I'll be ignoring ur calls. TQ.

Back to wut we're gonna talk about. FEWD! Yes, since title is lunch outing no?

Went to 70s cafe at Wisma Merdeka. I wish this cafe would be bigger and erm look more retro *cough. Coz the wall painting is erm..weird.

Which bring us to the fewd. Nyum. I think it's honey chicken. Since they said they dun haf any claypot rice which me and Amy wanted earlier. ^^;

cincau susu?
look! prego plates, so cute XD

mas no like drumstick. Amy likes drumstick XD

close up of the chicken XD tasty XD

this is so wrong. i'm thinking of something else but this is not 70s at all ^^;

Another situation, whose working place eats "pisang goreng" (translated: banana dip in flour and fry em) everyday? Mine yeap. My colleagues eat "pisang goreng" everyday. I dun take em anymore. The oil is scaring me. The way they fry it oso scares me. The moment they brought it into the office, I start to choke, I'm breathing oil btw. No offence to "pisang goreng" lovers out there. But this is extreme. Everyday is juz too much and not healthy ^^;


  1. uinah, super duper fast!!!!!!!
    the chicken was yummy, but i still feel hungry >.<

  2. XD yeap the chicken was super duper yummy..i feel hungry now oh XD

  3. My aunt told me that they melt plastic straws in the oil prior to frying in order to make those goreng pisang crunchier and tastier. And she had witnesses to support her statement... Scary huh? *evil laughter*

  4. Eh, the glass, the table, the salt and pepper stuff don't look 70s at all! What about the waitress, pakai baju ala-ala 70s ka? xD

    But the cincau susu looks yummy tho! >.<

  5. huiwen: ogie, plastic straws ewwwwwwwwwww...damn dat's scary ^^; eeee, in this case, the smell yang "melekat"? ^^;

    cin: no they didn't wear anything ala-ala 70s either woo~ imagine if there's a real 70s shop. damn i would be happy XD

    kekekekekeke...cincau susu juz nice for me XD i would prefer tea, but the choice of tea is *cough erm...kekekekeke