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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Life Progress

I watched "School For Scoundrels" the other day. Hehe so funny. "Music and Lyrics" love it!
Grey's Anatomy Season 3 Ep 25 T_T so so sad. "Charlotte's Web" *cough talking animals. But I love Dakota Fanning. XD

I still got "The Fountain" to watch. I dunno if it's me or my screen is a bit dark but erm, I dunno, must be my screen, I'll watch it again later XD

One of my mimis is sick. She looks sick. She keep sleeping behind the door or be somewhere at the corner. Now she's on the carpet. Hmm. The other mimi is pretty much normal. She likes to sniff/kiss me in the morning XD

There will be a KFC at Giant! How convenient. Oh wait, not forgetting the fact that Ginger Ale drinks cost RM1.49?! wtf?! Normally only cost RM1.10 geez! Even malta which suppose to cost RM1.60!? Juz now when to get it, cost RM1.99?! Har?!?

Anyways, had this conversation with my sister about married woman *cough. Before marriage, very pretty, straight hair. After married become like this. Photo taken from her fren and yes, that's french ^^; I think those are chinese/korean ladies?


chemisier a fleurs : flower blouse
cheveux frises: curly hair
echarpe a fleurs: flower scarf
superbes visieres: superb caps

*rofl. I can't stop laffing. *prays to gawd. If I reach that age, please dun make me be or wear like this. ^^; *amin~


  1. Wow, sounds like my day. I've been spending my time on bed watching DVDs after another. Ya, School for Scoundrels funny kan? Setengah mati aku ketawa the part where they shoot each other with the paint gun. :D

    When I get older... I hope I still have that slim figure with hot looking outfit - but takut orang cakap tak sedar diri pulak. LOL!

  2. lol...who cares!!!! i dun want short curly hairs and flowery patterns! XD

    oh omg..gila man...paint gun is painful XD hahaha shoot at the nuts omg..budunya...