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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Life Progress

City Mall gonna open soon. Tomorrow!!! Ohohoh, I'm so gonna check dat out. I wanna get shots of the building too XD For those who dunno where is this new mall, it's actually located along the road from kolombong to lintas. You can't possibly miss it.

Another problem I face every now and then working here is... PARKING! I only got into the office at around 9:30am *shite! T_T

Went to Wisma Merdeka last nite, was looking for working clothes *cough but instead bought a hoodie XD Mas can't resist! Save Mas!!!

Did a wittle camwhoring. Flash make Mas face look clean XD

Lately Mas like earth/wood colors? *cough Dunno wut happen to Mas XD But me likey likey wut me bought XD


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. woah, macam hip hopper!!!
    all u need now is to wear a BIG blingy stuff over neck! ;p

    i like earth color too.. :D join the club mas.

  3. amy: i dun do bling..*cough... XD

    cin: yes, i know..i love it XD wait...overall i love hood..

    ogie sepa punya deleted comments tu O.O curious