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Friday, May 18, 2007

Mapuru Screenshots XD

I'm lvl 41 oledi!!! XD

But look wut happen when lag. When I was killing chronos, I go up and rest, the next thing u know, a chair stuck at my mage's butt. Punya rusak!!!

Ohohoho, me and Jyujin went to El Nath. " cold"

Lookie lookie, golden pig. So cute oh

Mr WetBottom's porn book hahahahahahhahaha

Voodoo. I'm gonna put a spell on you hahahhaha XD sot


  1. Hehehehe, so cute. The last picture looks like you're playing with a voodoo doll. Pugai ka? LOL! xD

  2. cin: hahahhahah XD yahhh cute kan XD

    kekekekekeke...yahhhhh!! playing with voodoo dolls XD

  3. Level 41?! That's fast! Congratulations to you again! But I miss your photos, Massy...

  4. huiwen XD

    i know i know..i should be photo hunting XD