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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Life Progress and Kitties

This is my maple character. Dun ask me why I named her Emixora, something to do with the name Emily hehe. Anyways, my earlier character I wanted to name it "Little Umae" but argh, deleting it is too troublesome. Have to enter 13 digit code *sweats. Anyways, I'm nearly lvl 34 and I went to Showa. Alone *sobb sobb.

Here's some screenshots I took.

poor little girl..crying...*sobb sobb

the owner dun lemme touch the weapons *sobb

Last nite, was watching ep 21 of Heroes . Woo~~~ nice. Omg! Sylar's mum is dead. *cough. And Peter gonna blow up! Kekekekek kidding. XD let u guys watch it. *hiks. Can't wait till the next ep.

Anyways, my eldest sis brought home 2 kitties. Ogie, at this point, I dun recall being friends with her. *cough. *roll eyes. Though yes, I'm bought easily with kitties. Got few shots of them. Gahh~ I know she won't be taking care of em. My mum will be the one feeding and cleaning the mess! OMG! Except for the 2 brats (Mimis) which I'm taking care of.

this is mocha

the siamese with no name. oh this is a she btw

In other news, I heard on that there will be a Baba Nyonya exhibition at Pasar Seni? Oi u ppl at KL, who is going, go take some shots for me to see! XD

I wish I was there to go and shoot *cries.

This morning, I was pissed. It was hot and I waited for parking for nearly 2 hours. And I had an argument with one of the shop owners there. *hiks. Coz his stewped loaders keep knocking on my car window. So hard somemore. Keep asking me to move my car further. Which I did!!!! I think they should be able to unload it but noooooo~ keep asking me to move further till I'm pissed and stayed there till there's parking for me. Stewped dumbarses! Gahhh!!!

I super hate ppl knocking on my car window! It's so annoying! *sigh. I could be very stubborn at times and an intolerable person. Not liking that side of me but yeah well, that's how I am. I'm bad tempered *hiks~

Till then...the more I talk/type, the more nonsense I become. So, better stop here before things got out of hand hehe XD


  1. Anonymous1:59 AM

    you waited for parking for nearly 2 hours ... ??? how is that possible?? i don't understand! you waited in your car?

    can't you park a little farther away and walk? even a 15 min walk would be better than a 2 hour wait no?? well, i guess we do it here (park 'n' walk/ride) or pay 25 ringgits a day!

  2. yes..i waited...coz i bought monthly rm52.50 parking coupon every month...

    and i work in city area so...well...i dun like to walk in this heat...

  3. Anonymous8:33 AM

    well i must say you do havalotta patience!! and i guess KK must just be one massive parking lot!! sux! i feel your pain .....

  4. hahhahaha i haf patience mix with anger kakakaka...