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Monday, April 23, 2007

3 days before holiday

It's gonna be a holiday on 26th Apr, 1st and 2nd May. I plan to take 1 week holiday straight (including Saturday and Sunday). It's a hot sunny day. I waited for parking till around 9:40am. Gawd, I can feel the heat inside the car even.

We went to Windbell Steamboat again last nite. Somehow it wasn't as great as the ones we had the 1st time last time. But it was ogie. And there was a spot light direct at us. It's a bit hard for me to take photo. Most of my photo turn out blur *sweats. I'll post some later tonite.

I'm nearly done with my portfolio. The only thing I need is to update with latest photos and er my biography. *sweats. It takes time to get inspired hehe.

My dad came back from London last Saturday nite. My sis took a shirt I really want *cries. And she's not giving it to me. Woo~~~ *cries. She took 5 and I got 2 only *cries woo~~~

There are some ppl fixing our PBX system. Hmm, how come my room still dun haf phone yet? Btw, one of them came to my room to test the line thinggie and somehow this guy were like talking to me. O.o? Ogie fine, answer him. Then he was talking about my room being hot. Oi I on aircond oledi and it's direct at me ler. So cold. Then came a chinese dood. Hmm, then the earlier guy ask whether I'm chinese and ask if I could speak chinese. Well duh!? O.o? Weirdness. Geez~ Then they were like talking among themselves about getting to know me? Wadda?! Hello I'm here?! I could hear wut u guys talking?!

Anyways, I tend to sit quietly and pretend they're not there lalala~ gawd.


  1. Her 5 over your 2?? That is obscenely unfair!!! Demand a rematch!!!

  2. uhuh uhuh...coz one of the shirt she want but can't fit..i dun want dat one :( *cries

  3. Anonymous2:25 AM

    i see lotsa sisterly love!!!

  4. Wah!!! She got 5 while you get 2 only??!!!! I agree with Acom!! Get a rematch!! (batu api) :P

  5. hahhahahahahah...woo~