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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday Rant

I was planning to go eat Vegetarian today but the shop wasn't open. Instead, I drove back to town and got myself "Mee Goreng Basah". Tasty! XD I'll upload the photo later. Now too tired and lack of sleep again.

Took some photos. Finally got mood to do my portfolio and thank gawd, finally a cover page. Yay~ Now, I wanna redo the whole shite again. Previous gallery sucks. Seriously need to redo. Make it look nicer. *cough. I'm not done yet. I still need to arrange all the photos and resize some of em.

Oh, this is the moment where I get annoyed. People! I'm not a freaking encyclopedia who knows every little shite about computers ogie?! *sigh. People owez do that to me. Expect me to know everything which I dun really know. I somehow find myself pleasing others by helping them. Well I think dat's wut I'm doing anyways? I dunno. I dun like it yet I tend to help them *sigh. Geez~ How annoying. Yes, like zaini said, I'll talk more crap when I'm pissed. So yeah, I'm pissed. This remind me when I teach some colleague at work about emails and games. I had to repeat wut I said I dunno more than 5 times? Gawd. They even jot it down but still couldn't get it. OMG! Gawd haf mercy ^^;

Maybe I should go back when I was a total meanie and who's totally against the world? Maybe that'll help me a bit in having some peace and quiet in my life huh? I ono. Ogie, I'm seriously talking crap rite now. I'm gonna go off to bed now. *pftttt~ I know, suck to be me *sigh


  1. At least you had mee goreng basah...

    Aku ni, dah la gaduh with my bf, didn't get any mee goreng basah lagi. >.<

  2. come here come here..we go makan mee goreng basah puas puas XD

  3. nice meh mee goreng basah... :P

  4. Anonymous2:47 PM

    why are you ranting? your problems aren't that bad at all ... just consider you're better off ... compared to many others.

    and you get to eat wet noodles!!

    cheerio ...

  5. bwoo! omg..some of em are nice worrr

    anonymous...this is one of those days where i need to rant *cough...yeah, besides some personal matters that triggers some part of me being pissed off?