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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Crazy mimis running around on a Saturday

It's Saturday! Umm, last nite went for grocerry shopping. I would drive if I could, my knee is all stressed out from the jam around Sadong and Sembulan. It's seriously stewped. I was trying to get to Sadong after work for my sis and there's cars piling up at the road entrance heading there. I have no idea wut's going on. Instead of waiting, I turn 1 big round around Sembulan which is a big mistake obviously, and stuck in the jam there for few minutes till I could get to the bus stop near Sadong area *sigh. This sucks! Seriously, my left leg cramp man. Wadda!?

Back to groccery shopping. We went to Servey instead of Giant *cough. Coz cat fewd there is way cheaper. I prolly spent around nearly RM50 for less than 10 items hmm. Yes, I'm coughing. This is caused by dumbarse smokers. No offence to everyone else, but some ppl are juz inconsiderate and smoke in the office. The air I breathe is totally polluted. *sigh. I need to get DVDs. The other day I went to Wisma to get empty DVDs, they were selling it for RM15 for 10 pcs. I heard I could get cheaper than that, no? Hmm, better safe than sorry.

Came back at around er 9 I guess, found lotsa cars around my house. Hmm, yeap, it's one of those days where my eldest sis decided to make a last minute birthday party for herself again. *pftttttt. Yes it was her birthday yesterday and she's er 31 this year *cough. She got lotsa *cough slaves friends around to help her with everything. Geez, I'm gonna expect oil everywhere on my car tomorrow definately hmm. I guess I'm lucky since my room isn't near to the BBQ thinggie coz it certainly made my brother hungry. And he suppose to be on diet. Oh, my 2nd sis is also the slave helper in this case. She made her cook spagetti wakkakakak.

My eldest sis asked me to take photos for that nite but being the mean ol' me, wkakakak definately rejected her. She got her own camera yet she keeps asking me to use mine. *pftttt. This is why people, u guys should get better cameras *cough. My dad bought me the last panasonic camera and when ppl start borrowing it I dun mind, coz I dun have a choice since they said we're suppose to share since I didn't pay for it. But for this Canon, no more! I did some few minutes loaning before and I could go days without camera sometimes. NO WAY! NO WAY NO WAY! IT'S MINE!!! Get ur own! hehe and yes I was in my room. I guess the frens was around till 1am or maybe later. I have no idea. Though I pity my mum coz she was suppose to be relaxing her legs. Instead she's at the kitchen helping out?! Wot?!

As I was in my room, I watched Tenacious D. Yes, I finally watch it. Rock on! XD It's so freaking kewl and funny. Then I watched the latest episode of southpark about homeless ppl. Hehe, that was ogie. Not as funny as the previous episode where they featured Xerxes as a woman hahahahhaa scissors. Then I watched the latest episode of America's Next Top Model. This is Cycle 8.

I'll update later. I'll be having lunch with some frens today. Will take some photos hehe


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    smoking in the office? are you serious? that's way out of line!!

    10 DVD-Rs are 15 ringgits? that's way expensive! hope it's brand name if that! wow .. i can't believe it!

    you should mingle a bit no???

  2. Going out for lunch with some friends later? Wah.. I bet there'll be foods photos again. :D I'm gonna make sure I'm well fed before I come here for the next visit. :D

    At the office where my bf runs his business (and I'm always there helping him out.. if not to sampat la... hahaha!) we have a room, specially for the staffs to lepak and smoke inside. They could be breathing their own smoke for all I care, as long as they don't smoke in the main office! Haha!

  3. anonymous: how much would dvds cost? no brand one. so doubtful. er mingle around my sis's frens? u can forget that. no thanks :P yeap, ppl smoking in the office and polluted the air that i breathe. *sigh sucks man~

    cin: kekekek i'll blog later. today tired. after back back from lunch, i did my portfolio again, i think i did like 30 over pages. my hands are in pain now. *sweats

  4. Anonymous6:38 AM

    when we buy 100s spindle, each DVD-R would cost approx your 90 sen .. and that's for brands like Fuji, Sony etc. But when they go mad, they let 'em go for free (after rebate) .. well, usually while quantity last!! Well, you know how it's like on Boxing Day .. all hell breaks lose!

    maybe you should tell management to butt out ... it's really inconsiderate to smoke in public places!!

  5. anonymous...wah?! dat cheap?! i'm gonna browse at karamunsing for it them *cough XD thanks a bunch

  6. Anonymous11:28 AM

    i'm sorry ... maybe you misunderstood me ... but i'm not Sabah! sorry again!
    i was just comparing prices. but if it's any consolation, you have far cheaper foods!!