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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pride & Prejudice

I watched this movie on HBO earlier. I think it's great. I keep thinking Kiera Knightly reminded me of Natalie Portman ^^; my bad. Anyways, I love the soundtrack! A series of piano :)

Ahhh I want the soundtrack very badly now! XD


  1. I read the book but I'm not sure if this movie is based on that book, if it is.. then I gotta watch this! :D

  2. Ugh. I tried to watch the older Pride & Prejudice, the one with Emma Thompson, and it was so unbelievably sleeping-pill like, that it just sisn't inspire me to watch the remake.

  3. cin: uh uh..this is nice..for me it's nice XD i likey

    acom: woo the old version i wonder wut make that boring hehe...i dunno...i like it...especially with those background music omg~

  4. wanted to catch that movie but didnt have the time. heard that its a good movie

  5. yes yes go watch go watch XD

  6. natalie portman
    kiera knightly

    see.. i'm not the only one making that mistake.