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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thursday Lunch Outing with Amy

Amy came to my office at around nearly 11am and we decided to go for lunch and lepak till nearly the time for her appointment which is at 3pm.

First, I need to go to the bank to pay for my car (actually juz drop the cheque at the cheque deposit machine) , so we walked to the bank which is a couple of blocks from my office. Umm, ogie, they change the position of the machine. I mean they moved the machine. The cash deposit machine was suppose to be at the left end and now it's on the right end. Sia-sia sija se berbaris. Terblur for a moment there when I saw Cash Deposit. The guy in front of me was nice enuff to show me where XD

After that, Amy drove us to Karamunsing where we still were blur on wut we should eat. Walked around a bit. Oh I saw Usagi halfway open again >_< style="font-weight: bold;">Nasi Goreng Special" and Amy ordered Nasi Goreng apa ah? *blurness. Then she decided to change to "Mee Goreng Basah" coz she saw the guys eating at the next table. *cough cough. Not stated in the menu one?

mee goreng basah. i think the mee goreng basah was better than the fried rice

nasi goreng special. erm the special is juz an additional egg? erm, if the egg is slightly deep fried then it would be better for me. erm and the rice, too much "kicap". well it's not as bad as the sweet milk tea *cough

sorry it took awhile for me to shoot this. my fingers are weird

Took some shots of her er but the first shot was weird. This shot is funny. She was pointing at the milk tea poster hohoho. Btw, I had milk tea but *cough, it's not like the milk tea that I wanted. *sigh. Well it is milk tea but super overly sweet. Damn, sakit kapala se minum terus. I had to ask them to add water coz it was super sweet! *cough

Went walking around after lunch and saw this lil fella. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. I love kitties XD

We left at 1:30pm and went to Asia City Complex for some dessert. And here's wut we had. Thanks Amy. XD

Wakakkaka we forgot to look at the time. It was fun! XD But I got back to the office at nearly 3pm. Opps.


  1. Yea, that mee goreng basah looks nicer than the nasi goreng. :D Wah, I miss mee goreng basah. Here in KL, I dunno how to order mee goreng basah.. They don't have that term here. :(

  2. eek erm..wa tan mee? wakkakakakak *rofl...

    i oso dunno...xda mee goreng basah meh there? *blur...*think...blurness

  3. Anonymous11:28 PM

    the fried rice doesn't look appetizing at all! how much do they cost?
    what's with kitty dolls? why are they so popular? just curious ...

  4. anonymous...the fried rice cost nearly 5 bucks. i mean rm5. too much taugeh. *hiks

    oh the kitty dolls. it's the lucky cat..well not this one obviously..i think the normal one is like a cat paw raising to call for ppl.."come come, come in"

    kwakkakakak...also known as the money cat...well feng shui thinggie obviously *hiks

    but in this case..i like it coz it's cute XD and i love cats!