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Sunday, April 08, 2007

EDITED: 4th Artjam & PIU tournament

Lemme begin by saying that I slept at around 1am and I was having problem sleeping. End up didn't sleep at all. Which suck a bit for me coz I'm slightly erm blur if or when I dun get enuff sleep. Or u could say high or hyper. Either way. Eating appetite is a total goner. Had asam laksa cup sized maggie for breakfast and had cheesy wedges for lunch.

Went to Asia City Complex for Artjam and PIU tournament. Actually I'm anxious to shoot parakiss dance. I've been thinking about it a lot of how am going to shoot this. Video/Photos? Hmm.. XD

Arrived before 11am. Met Amy, dan and acing at Mode Cafe. Had lunch (which is cheesy potato wedges thank yew). And the others came after.

I forgot to check my time when the PIU tournament started. Erm, I was pretty much walking around with Amy as we waited for the Freestyle category.
the gothic lolitas (sollie about the flash, forgot to adjust huhu)

During the tournament. The KKCC (KK Cosplay Club) are promoting cosplays. *free advertisement. Oh btw, se ni case men slide in. Hohoho, that time lee was getting a shot of them. Must take chance, if not no shots hohohoo~ XD

Oh, didn't know my bro was in too *cough. Took video of it. Dunno if I could upload it at youtube becoz of the size. Oh, found this shop. O.O kitties!!!! KITTIES everywhere!!!! XD moine!!!! moine!!!! XD I didn't even go in to check it out :(

This shop was on 50% sale. Amy was asking for some demo ^^;

Shot 8 different video. My memory card 1GB full, 256MB nearly full and 128MB full for shooting BBoy vs PIU dancers battle thinggie.

:( *cries. Parakiss dance video the end part termiss. I quickly changed my memory card and got 2 shots after. Erm, I sent a copy of the dance video to Master Lee a.k.a Rempit Man to edit *cough cough. I'll upload it once I get it from him XD I mean the edited version of coz. Who else took the video!? I want see the ending part!!! XD

Edit: Btw, this is IRT copy of the parakiss dance video.

this is the ending pose. try changing ur memory card during the dance hehe~ *sweats~
oh i'm sorry, the MC announced it as cubex and the CSP? O.O
btw, cubex is the dood with the black coat (which is my brother *coughs), the other guy is dan, erm, the girl in pink lolita is er who ah? blurness (mas is seriously lost), then there's IRT and Rina XD

After this was the BBoy and PIU dancers battle *cough. This reminds me of Run DMC's It's Like That Video. Oh, I took 2 mins video I think, I need to edit this one. The only thing I didn't like was the music. Not fade in fade out one after finish 1 song. Btw some shots

The ones in red are the BBoys and the one in white are the PIU dancers.

Make acing a.k.a rob to draw this. Please make a comparison between this hair with his hair. *points the group photo.

Got another shot of the lolitas XD *must resist the dark side. *roll eyes O.O

This week's artjam group photo XD

Somehow, squeezing into a photo works for me. Look so nice and I look slightly thin hohoho. *perasan~ Wait wait wait. Wait juz a moment, am I the shortest there?! Noiiiiiiiiiii~~~ *trauma~~~~!!!!!

Need to write article about artjam. Need to. Uh~~~

Oh btw, for more info about this post, I mean the tournament, can visit dias's blog post and am still waiting for julian's post.

Ah before I forget, somebody suggested I create a panda thinggie. Something similar to cactus chan hmm...lemme find the time and passion to do this hmm.

Till the next event! Go CSP go!

p/s: noted how messy this blog post is? Erm, I'm slightly blur, dun quite remember wut I type. *coughs.


  1. OOOOOooooo ada show in KK! Too nad I'm in KL, cannot go kepoh. :D Looks like fun. ;)

    Cheezy wedges for lunch? O.o Sounds like a good option also la.. Can diet konon. LOL!

  2. hahahahha cin hahahahhaha...

    mas kana sindir wakakkaka :P

    yes it was super still waiting for a fren to edit the video so i can's really cute XD

    yahhhhhh!!! makan sikit but cheese is optional hahaha XD

  3. so happening in KK!!! wish i could go and meet all of u in person...too bad lar im stuck with exam...-______-"

  4. join us at our next event XD

    *hope lucy and cindy around XD

  5. where is this? Asia City? Im still blur2...
    nice shots and review. Syok nye orang muda2 skrang ni. isk isk isk.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Fuiyoh!! meriah nya in KK.

  8. papajoneh: yeah it's at asia city complex! XD siok but penat..i was running here and there...i actually took videos but need somebody to help me edit..still waiting for his post...

    yeah sampai duduk di lantai pun ada ni...

    oh btw, if we haf other event/outing, u can come and see us? or maybe join us? age doesn't matter XD yang penting enjoy! XD

    if u're interested to know more..we haf a sabah community forum called

    we welcome everyone XD

  9. Hey I saw u guys.. I was wondering wat was goin on since d 2 of u were dressed like dat.. And I blogged a bit abt this event too.. :)

  10. oh wow kewl~ i'm gonna check ur blog post XD

  11. Ma kau teda cosplay ka? Pakai baju macam chobits he he. Gerenti semua KK guys drool.

    I miss everybody man! I've been so fricking busy! But we got a call today! Good news! We've got out streamyx username/password! In 3 days it'll be activated!! Woohooo!!! More blogging for me!

  12. >.> noiiiiiiiii~~~ saya photographer *cough cough...

    oh ya kan..i forgot about ur line wonder se yang..mana bah acom ni..i seriously forgot all about it...hahaha..the only thing i did was...go to ur blog...check..xda it everyday macam urang gila hahahha XD

    yay~ acom can online yay yay~

  13. err.. this post still here?

  14. erm yeah..i edited by putting a video...

    i'll update later tonite *cough...

    i'm slightly less motivated now XD