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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Attempt to color

I was slightly motivated to do this. So decided to give it a try.

Oh btw, it's to color this by acing a.k.a rob-jr

Erm took me nearly 3 hours to finish this with ps cs2. It's so tiring. Which look something like this. Yes I couldn't decide on which one, I combined both instead.

Wut u think? Ogie ka? Or the shadowing too cacat? And I color too pale? *cough


  1. You did a great job! Looks pleasing to the eyes too. :)

  2. heheh thanks cin...must learn how to do a proper one with less time XD

  3. Colouring books? Hmm... must remember to buy you crayons :P

  4. hahahhahahahaha..alah..i want color pencil..i dun want crayons...

  5. nice~ bt the girl legs a lil cacat if you put it on a landscape background

  6. wkakakkakakakakaka....i know~ hahahha XD