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Monday, April 02, 2007

Rest on Monday

I'm on leave today. Smart lil me, took a lil tiny beef yesterday. And I suffer the consequences. Enduring pain the whole day. Thanks to my last medicine that I slightly recovered but decided not to go to work today coz it might affect my driving. Yeah well, not quite in giving and excuse here but too scared to drive if my knee felt a bit loose. Dun want anything creepy/weird to happen do we?

Anyways, woke up early, called the boss to inform I'm not coming in. He made a sarcastic remark about how young I am to get gout. *pftttttt. I swear I told him few times before yet he forgets it. Hmm~ he needs to retire seriously.

Btw, been trying to get shots of kitten but they move a lot. Very very hard to take shot of them. Well, at least now I know their gender? 3 female kitten and 1 male. Damn fat eh the male kitten. So, people! Do your job in giving me names. Oh, one of them is very loud. Seriously loud. Like her mum. Gosh!

I took some shots of some stuff the other day. Yes, in this hot weather? Call me crazy!? Yes I am obviously. Gawd, I need to seriously get things done. Ahh, btw, I did an interview with my fren rob last nite. It'll be like those local comic artist review kinda thing. Not gonna post it till I get approval from him. Who knows some part of me describing him is wrong. We dun want that do we. So, well juz wait till he gets to read it then I'll post in front page of CSP. XD

Till then. I'll be listening to some Eames Era. XD


  1. Get well sooooooon!!!!

    I love giving japanese names to my pets!

    If I'm the one with the kittens, I'll name them Nana, Hachiko, Sachiko and Nobu for the male!

    Okay...I've been watching to much Nana to study now!

  2. *too

    typo... -_-" to study nor...for real!

  3. Name one of the kitten KICIKO! (kecil lah ko). LOL!

    Wah, I still can't believe young people can get gout too. :( Any ways of totally curing it? I can't imagine not being able to eat beef too..

    Take a good rest la today, Massy - although I know you won't be resting but play with your camera and your kittens saja tu! Haha!

  4. thanks lucy and cindy

    hahahahhaha..cin i spend most of my time watching tv and in front of computer..

    NO! i'm not an addict..sorry to dissapoint you guys..

    i haf no idea whether there's a cure for this..*sigh~ been preventing fewd that I can't eat..though sometimes the temptation can kill me *sigh~ uh i first suffer later? hahahahahaha

    omg~ lucy...i watch nana anime XD
    but didn't manage to finish it coz my bro stop sharing it darn it! >_< he said he dun wanna dl it anymore coz the innocent nana somehow looks like a slut in that anime *uhuk~

    oh well...

  5. i'm addicted over it now ever since i watched the movie...i'm nw on ep.28!!! any idea hw many episodes there are????

  6. waaaaaaaaaaahhh i didn't get that far idea how many ep there is XD