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Friday, April 27, 2007

Life: Combined Updates

I still haven't cut my hair and yet to get DVD discs. Mas is super lazy. The other day I was pumped to finish up with my portfolio which I must say, terbengkalai, again! XD

I started with a new mage character in Cass server. Yes, I'm talking maple again. And I found lotsa new stuff there. Ohohoho, thanks to dan for helping me lvl a bit XD. I'm currently a lvl 17 mage XD I wanna be a Ice/Lightning Wizard like dan XD


Yes, I'm partially talking crap. This is wut happen when u're lack of sleep? Hmm, yes my case, coz I can't keep my hands off the keyboard.

Was watching ep 19 of heroes and ep 20 of grey's anatomy yesterday XD hohoho. I need more. I wanna know more. Does this mean in heroes, Peter is the powerful one? *cough. Sylar definately can't paint *lol. Oh noi, in Grey's Anatomy, is Derek thinking of leaving Meredith again? *blinks.

I'm on 1 week holiday (including Saturday and Sunday). Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Oh, I was watching tv yesterday and saw Rivermaya's new song called "You'll Be Safe Here". I think it's nice.

More about Rivermaya, here. And not forgetting Rivermaya is from the Philippines. Talking about Philippines, I used to love listening to Eraserheads. Fruitcake was playing in my head. Literally speaking. O.o

Meanwhile, I slept around 1:30am this morning coz I wanted to lvl so badly. Then woke up around 6:30am coz I wanna "teman" my mum to shopping. Giant only open around before 10am. So, we waited for awhile coz we got there around 9:30am and it's not open yet. But, before we could start on getting stuff, we MUST eat!

Went to the food court which is called Anjung Selera? Oh ogie. We had Fish Ball Noodle Soup. The only difference maybe the mee.

mum prefers mee hoon

mas like mee XD

the sauce XD

Ogie, start shopping. Went to get stuff I wanted. Ice creams! I bought Mint and Tiramisu mini ice cream Walls! XD This is another flavour ice cream which is new. Yah!!! I juz found out!!! XD

blueberry & strawberry flavour woo~ this is new!

Went home around before 12 noon. Blog, then I'm gonna do my portfolio. Or I should go my laundry first and or I should go maple lalala~ XD


  1. Anonymous3:58 PM

    well, at least you stuck with healthier food ... and the condiments look awesome!! how much for them?

    get cracking with the hair-cut!!

  2. hohoho...the fishball noodle is rm4 XD

    sedap i wanna eat again...

    ahhh~~~ haircut XD

  3. mmmm... food.

    Saw "Mixed Nuts" this morning before going to work.

    Finally, a random movie that makes sense!


    erm.. yeah.

  4. mixed nuts? a movie? no idea wut's that about..will check it out..nice?

  5. Ohhh... more pictures of food! :D

  6. u like it dun u XD