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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Tina!!!

It's weird that yesterday, there's lotsa near accident encounters. It's like either ppl wanna bang me intentionally. Weird feeling really. I drove to work and this stewped dumbarse kancil wanna cut to the road where I'm at. Bang me from the side man. Budu! Then at the restaurant when I was behind my sis getting some fried mee, this stewped couple suddenly cut in front of me, hmm, annoyed I was, I cut back in front of them. XD yes, I could be mean too. There's more but I couldn't remember wut already hahahah XD

It's my 2nd sis, Tina's b'day yesterday. I sang her the birthday song earlier that morning, but she calls me crazy. Hmm. I bought her a shirt, her choice, not mine. A red shirt.

We went out for dinner at WindBell seafood restaurant at Tg. Aru. Had steamboat buffet. The tom yam soup is so nice XD I likey~ I remember going there before but I forgot when. That place is so old. They should rebuilt! XD

I'm stuffed. Did a lil camwhoring, this is the best I think.

Sorry for the short post. I actually wanted to blog about this last nite but a bit caught up with some stuff to do.


  1. Happy birthday to Tina! I wan cake!!

  2. lol...come and get it mwahhaha >:D

  3. Happy birthday Massy's sis!! I want cake too!!! xD

  4. XD kekekekekek come come...cake XD

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Your dog-tag looks cool! What's written on it if you don't mind telling!

  6. Happy birthday to her :D :D

  7. ur sis look sooo chineseeeeee... ;p
    happy bday to tina..

  8. anonymous: thanks *koff's juz my first name, last name, my IC number *koff koff, my nickname/trademark name and my country *koff koff

    wanted to put something else but that time i wanted it so badly and didn't thought of a quote as another tag >_< my bad~

  9. hahah thanks sr215

    amy: i dun look chinese? wakkakaka ogie kidding kidding..hahahahah i tot she look not so chinese hahahah ogie..x puas ati bah ni.. XD

  10. Happy belated Birthday to Tina, and yeah, since when did you start camwhoring?Haha.

    Do take care, don't get yourself injured...

    Cheers, Hui Wen =)

  11. huiwen: *cough cough..i did a lil camwhore before but erm seldom post any coz the photos mostly ugly >_< hehe...only if i think it's kewl then i post XD