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Thursday, April 19, 2007

No title Thursday

Talking about getting scratches from mimi. Only the black face one. I have no idea why she's that crazy to injure me *cough. *cries. Not really the main topic.

Sorry cin, no new photos of fewd yet.

I slept early yesterday, I think it was around 8:30pm? Btw, *cough my dad was on TV3 (2 days ago) for the Malaysia-Sudan conference thinggie. *lol.

Other news, here's a discussion thread about the Virginia Tech University massacre at CSP forum. New updates, he's 23 years old, from South Korea, resident with a green card, been staying there since 1992. And he sent a video tape and some photos to NBC? This part is a bit weird. Anyways, the link for the video is in CSP thread.

And, my fren is giving away 4 mix siamese breed kitten for adoption. Anyone interested?


  1. uhmmm... the cats... lovely!!!!

  2. u want ka saiful..u want? XD kitty needs home XD

  3. luvly cats

  4. yeah they are cute..but i can't haf em uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. me too.. two cats considered as a burden... my mom say that... :(

  6. wow cute kittens but can't have them. we're allergic to any cats. sadly :(

  7. woo~ 2 is a burden saiful? imagine having erm 9 cats and 4 kittens? *cough

    oh btw, 2 of em kittens kana adopt sudah XD

  8. err.. that's why my mom secretly ask my neighbour to throw away my cat year ago... :(

  9. omg..astaga adakah :( dat's so sad