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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Allergic Reaction

The horror! This is the first time I get any allergic reaction from eating something. I dunno which fewd to blame. *sigh. I had 2 piece of bread and 1 chicken wings for breakie. Kon Lou Mee with fish, fishcake and prawn soup for lunch. Fish, 1 tiny squid and rice for dinner. So which caused this? O.O

I was panicking but lucky my mum haf some medicine for itch, I mean allergies. But wait, it doesn't itch. Well it did earlier. Weird. Very weird. It's slowly going away now, as you can see from my photo.

before take medicine

after take medicine


  1. OMG that is bad! Maybe you're allergic to seafood now? O.o

    Kesian.. :(

  2. i dunno...i didn't haf these problem before...^^; weird

    no's all gone now XD

  3. Whoooaaaa that's NASTY!

    And I know how you feel.

    That's exactly what my allergic reaction to God-knows-what looks like. I don't know if you remember my posts from earlier this year about them. *shivers* Fortunately they went away.

  4. T_T yeah. Creepy feeling. i remember my mum told me about one type of medicine she's allergic to...till she can't breathe. dat was scary.

    T_T yes thank gawd it went away after i took the medicine. and thank gawd it's the right medicine coz i never had em before >_<

  5. can we move on to the new entry/post?

  6. LOL! Saiful!

    Anyway, yeah.. how come no new updates? No pictures of food ar?

  7. cin got..but mas lazy XD

  8. I got this allergic reactions before. They gone away after a few days.

    Get well soon!