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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The rainy season

It's been raining, and raining, and raining. Not to say I hate rain but I can't stand looking at my dirty car. ^^; This morning I saw a car which is so superly clean. Macam baru kena wax ni. Damn! I wanna wax my car. Wait, not me waxing it, torture tu, bagus send carwash XD

You know how I'm owez in my room and partly missing out all the gossip in the office? Well, even so, I'm still able to hear wut they were talking about. Yesterday, hear minor part of story about our previous PA (personal assistant). Yeah, the one I call the "bitch"? I dun think she's working rite now but I heard, she's not putting on any "tudung" anymore, gained weight (seems happy) and guess wut? She's been getting free cash from somebody in the office *cough. *whistle. It's too obvious about these smses going on. And most of the time he go "minum kopi" with the other 2 office mates, sometimes he go some place "minum kopi" with this "bitch". *lol. Sometimes the auntie cleaner will tease him. Wut a funny scene.

On other story, I so heard again yesterday, that my colleague red something on I dunno, harian metro or berita harian online about some kinda cult in er i dunno somewhere in west malaysia? Something about group naked dancing to cure illnesses? O.O

Today, I had this thought about how my life is somewhat boring hahahahahha. This is seriously funny. I'm reviewing my life, I've been doing a routine thing everyday. OMG! I'm boring! Save me! XD

Oh, and today, I had a thought about if I were to reborn, I wanted to be somewhere near the beach surfing XD *blinked few times. Ogie, it's juz me. Save me! XD

I wanna go out and eat. Amy bring me out and eat please. T_T

Gawd, now I sound a bit pathetic. OMG! ^^;

Btw, my cousin started on blogging too. *hugs cuzzie. Check her out at my links. Under cuzzie *cough XD I'm not promoting.


  1. Go out and do what you want to do. Kill that boring-ness. hahahaha

    *Wah, so good la you gossips can be spread around office with SMS...

  2. *rofl...hahhahahaha

    mmg kuyak tu gossip. boring eh..

    wanna do something la ni XD

  3. just surf for interesting thing... like lepak at Papa Hiding Place!. Hahaha. We chat all day long in the cbox! :)

    kesian jugakan if boring. If im boring i go kacau frens. that includes u and cindy.. hahaha.

  4. I thought you play that cute game? Apa sudah namanya tu? Hehehehehe.. Or else, go Yahoo! sana, lots of cute games to play. Free too! :D

  5. papa: mwahhahaha, i'll start the stalking!! XD ohohoho

    cin: maple story. T_T yesterday lagging tulah boring terus se mo men XD yeah, i played those yahoo games XD oh nois, kedapatan sudah XD

  6. Hmmmm....wonder if naked dancing can cure blogging illnesses? LOL

  7. *lol'll start something else hahahahahha