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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Life Progress

Nothing much happened today.

The only thing I'm gonna post is fewd XD

Ogie, so, I had lunch earlier. Fewd wasn't so great coz the rice is like "ketupat". I call it "nasi ketupat". Yeah, it all stick together. I dun like that. And I had sweet and sour fish er and er "sambal terung" *cough. But, guess wut? Amy called me around nearly 12 noon and I teman her lunch at Gaya Street. She had Claypot Rice. Oh, this is the chinese restaurant next to the book store. Anybody know? The one selling laksa. Nice oso the laksa. My parents owez tapau on Sundays. XD But since I can't eat prawn. I haf to find alternatives. Poor mas.

Btw, I had some taste of it and it's great. I'm refering to the rice ogie. Tasty~ I love half boiled eggs XD

Anyways, there will be a Sutera Harbour 7K Sunset Charity Run 2007 on the 7th of July 2007. Some CSP forumers are joining XD I wonder if I should. Coz I know I won't be running, I'll be walking maybe taking photos XD

Wut should I do now. Envy looking at ppl's blog layout ler. T_T I wanna redesign tsk~ Why am I not talented in designing? *tsk~ again~


  1. nice food....
    wanna redesign your blog layout.. ok already lerr.... unless u know how to beg si cindy tuu ;)

  2. papa: *rofl..beg cindy *cough cough...XD mo buat muka kesian yang innocent ni T_T cindy, i want new layout oso *cough T_T like dat ka? XD


    i need to think hard to come up with one..the arranging ba tu yang payah tul XD

  3. I AGREE! Man, I wish I knew how to do all that. *sigh* Pretty much all I can do is change my font. *laughs*

  4. *giggle XD i'm so sad...i want new layout oso XD