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Friday, June 22, 2007

Yet another test layout

And yes, I did another test layout. *cough pemalas.. I need to include photos into my banner. Seriously. In this case I use brush ^^; lalala. I know the color sucks T_T

Check it here.

Yes, I'm still doing a lot of layout testing before I finally decided to change it. I still like this layout though XD


  1. Honestly? The color combinations are great! Very soothing to the eye. Hehehehe. :D

  2. the colors hmm...i want a mixture of colors but i can't make it T_T

    and the design is a total disaster T_T

  3. Mas, if you need some color inspiration, maybe you can check out This Link. They have so many great color combos! :)

  4. *giggle thanks cin..actually my previous test layout was inspired by one of the colors there XD heheheh XD