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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The Bz-Bodiers *pfttt

My office is filled with these kinda ppl. Gawd, it's so annoying. Everything also wanna know. From wut u eat to wut u do everyday. And sometimes, ask whether ur hp is new or not. O.O. Like hello?! I've been using it for years oledi. Are their life so boring that they had to bug others? OMG! Get a life! Geez.

I brought along with me a map and some other poster to frame (as instructed by my dad), they also wanna know wut izzit geez~

Another thing I'm annoyed with is how they sleep in the office during lunch hours and ask me to wake them up. Wut am I? Their frigging alarm clock? Dui~ Get an alarm clock la. Haiz~ So annoyed. If u think this is normal or u're fine with it, try having people keep asking u "wut time izzit?" repeatingly. *sigh~ Like yesterday, one of my colleague slept in my room and ask me wut time izzit. I told her once and she asked me like 2 other times *sigh. I had to raise my voice for her to hear me. WTF!?

Meanwhile, last nite went to Wawasan Plaza with my sis. Bought a new top for myself. Er, I'm suppose to look for working clothes hee~ XD

I need a replacement for my pillows in the car. Well, my bro wants it. And I want a new one XD And I found these

i love the blue greenish ones XD those cost rm23.90 each. damn~ i want 2. my sis said it cost too much ^^;


  1. Annoying colleague is the kind of person you wish you could slap once a while. LOL! I used to have this colleague who watches some Chinese drama VCD on her computer during lunch break .. and she had the volume turned up VERY LOUD! She must be deaf or something, but HALLO, it's an office, not her father's house. Sometimes I wish I could just smack her face with the pillow she had on her chair. Ha ha ha.

    Hey, that greenish pillow looks nice. Did you buy it?

  2. yes yes..greenish pillow very sis won't let me buy it >_<
    she keeps telling me dat it's expensive..but I WANT IT!!!! if i'm super overly tempted i'll get it XD

    omg..gila jua ur collegue...omg...must be deaf to put on dat loud hahahah so funny