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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Life Progress

My eye is getting better. But it still itch every now and then. *sigh. Feel like scratching T_T

this was my itchy eye ^^;

eye cream XD

some other medicine

Was watching 200 Pounds Beauty and Babel yesterday. I love 200 Pounds Beauty. Babel umm, boring XD

Anyways, 200 Pounds Beauty is a korean movie about an obese woman who suffers from low self steem because she thinks she's not beautiful. Han na (played by Kim A-jung) is a kind woman with a great heart, as well as a great singing voice. She finds a job as a lip sync vocalist for a famous Korean pop singer, and a phone sex partner. After having her heart broken she desides to undergo a mayor full-body plastic surgery. The surgery ends up being successful, and she becomes part of a whole new world. She finds that she is treated differently when she makes mistakes, gets all the men she desires, and even gets to become a singer on stage. On the other hand there are those who think her plastic surgery is mostrous, they become the challenges she must face. All and all this is a great movie, and it's nice to see her fairy tale come true.

Babel i know the story is related but going back and forth from one story to the other is too confusing for me XD


  1. Aww.. hope that eye gets better soon. Kesian lah you.. kena kaki la, kena mata la.. :(

    But at least you have DVDs to watch la. Hehehe.

  2. thanks eyes getting better but still itchy every now and then XD

    must take care wut i eat XD everything else is fine XD thanks again *huggies

  3. goshhhhh.. mas, i hope ur ok suda.

  4. no worries XD

    i'm fine oledi XD

    still under antibiotics though XD