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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lunch at Kopitiam & The sick me T_T

Every Wednesday I could hope for Amy to have appointment at my area so we can go out for lunch. Yes, having the same boring meal everyday kills. We walked across to Kopitiam. I could only see 2 kinds of lunch meal set on the menu. Which is Rice with beef stew and rice with smoked chicken. So wut choice do I have? Chicken obviously. Here's a shot of wut we had.

I did some photo shooting while Amy finish her meal. Quite a number of ppl come here to eat. And a nice place to shoot antiques XD

a comparison between old and new ka?

The furnitures. We sat on the table at the top left *points the photo. Ogie, warning, well maybe juz to be cautious. If u're heavy, please consider seating at the marble wutever u call it, type chair. Coz, the wooden chair won't be able to support ur weight. I'm serious! Not trying to be rude, but I would consider myself heavy and slightly freaking out from sitting at that chair XD Scary, scary indeed.I went around a bit to shoot. Erm, as I still have problem shooting when lotsa ppl around. XD I dun like ppl looking at me. Well, more shots. Coffee? O.o?

No, I'm not stalking the old man. I'm juz taking a shot of him. Oh, he was telling us to take shots of the hand XD Other things u can shoot XD

Lalala, guess which is my hand? XD

Pigeons can be found around Gaya Street XD Amy did an experiment by running through them *lol. They went to the same place XD Oh darn, I didn't get a shot of dat. T_T

The weather here is crazy. I mean seriously. Hot in the day, raining in the afternoon. Wot?! And this month, wait this year, I keep getting sick. I'm weak~ Yes, I was sick. I was yawning every 5 mins and burping every now and then. *pftttt. The time I got home, I feel crappy. Wanted to blog but I couldn't stand/sit coz I'm feeling all woozie.

I showered, ate dinner (chicken soup makes me feel slightly better for awhile) and medicine, watched Duke of Hazzard: The Beginning and went to bed right after. I'm still burping and yawning this morning but it wasn't as bad as last nite.

Ahhhh, btw, Amy told me about this Vegetarian Western Fewd Restaurant somewhere at Bundusan? I wanna go eat there! Lessi go! XD Well since, I only can eat fish and chicken. Geez, no excitement at all T_T I want soft crab!


  1. where is this kopitiam museum woh???

  2. opposite gaya street..u know the balai police area?

    lucy backpackers? margaret florist? near there...oh paling senang er, dewan masyarakat dat area XD u won't miss it

    it's the macam soldier color punya building XD

  3. alah.. the roundabout there la.. near the "kek potong" building.

    been there, very nice place.

  4. "kek potong"? O.O oh i think i know which u refering to hahahahahah kek potong

  5. Wow, that's a nice place. Interesting! Must go there when I balik Sabah. :D

  6. bah nanti sia lepak2 sana... kekeke. and take the same picture... i hope the old man still there :(

  7. Eee cantik oh the place! And the last shot of the birds macam in London punya Trafalgar Square nih. :D

  8. cin: *giggle..yes nice place...atas i didn't went fren said ada tempat rehat...should have go see

    papa: yeah worries..the old man work there de XD he'll be around

    acom: uhuh uhuh... XD banyak oh pigeons XD se yang excited

  9. The one atas is a backpackers lodge lah. On the top is nice but only for the people who stayed in Borneo Backpackers.
    That small one is Ben's ride haha.
    (Ben is the Kopitiam owner)

  10. Wot? Inda bulih amik gambar? T_T tsk tsk kekekekek...

    ooooooooo, ic ic so who's the old fella? XD

  11. y interested kah?
    his name is Wong Koh Moi.