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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Slowing Down

My sleeping hours is screwed. I could sleep as early as before 8pm or could be as late as midnite and feeling fresh the next morning. Weirdness. My room is a mess. I got the need to clean it but couldn't seem to get it done. Even a haircut omg! I'm getting lazy. Super overly lazy. Oh wait, I am lazy XD oh nois~ Save me!

This morning, waited for parking till 9am. I was looking at ppl while waiting. Then notice, the parking lady was taking picture of a kancil which parked at the same parking spot for days, maybe months. Maybe they gonna tow it away? Finally? I dunno. We'll juz have to wait and see.

I wanted to make a bunnie plushie but I couldn't yet coz I dun wanna sew at nite. My eyes are bad as it is. I'll put the new layout on hold coz I hate looking at it now. I want new ideas XD maybe I should put it as my portfolio. Photos everywhere hmm I wonder.

Haven't been going anywhere lately and haven't been taking any photos. The rain aren't helping also.

Till then, I'm gonna mapuru XD


  1. Well, it rains very heavily in the evenings these days in KL, and woman, floods happen almost everywhere!

    As for the new blog layout, all the best in creating a good one. Why don't you try something simple yet stylish that focuses the attention of the readers to your photos??

    And cute plushie, by the way. =)

  2. then i'll shall maintain this layout for the time being.

    XD i'm in the process of making another plushie XD

  3. I sleep earlier these days too.. guess I'm getting older. Haha!

    Oh.. good luck with your new layout. I bet it's gonna be awesome. Yeah, maybe you can use of your best photos for the header? Make it in a creative way? Like maybe turning it into something "art"sy? :P

  4. uhuh uhuh...thanks..gahhh~ redo layout XD