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Friday, June 15, 2007

Gewd bye seafood, beef and lamb

My right eye haf been itching for days and it's slightly swollen today. Slightly reddish. My mum said it might be an insect bite. I also dunno.

Went to the clinic. Got eye cream, antibiotics, medicine for itchiness and one to make the swollen go away. Tsk. Remember when I got the rashes few days ago. Must be because of that. So, no seafood = shrimp, squid anything seafood, beef is totally out of the question, which I had a wittle bit of it yesterday and no lamb/mutton or wutsoever. The only thing I can eat now is chicken and fish tsk~ T_T


  1. This must've suck big time! >:(

    I'm sorry to hear that, Mas. :( Hope it'll get better so you could finally eat seafood and beef once again!

  2. cin: teda harapan la makan seafood and beef anymore T_T sedeynya...and my eye still got red bump T_T

    hopefully be gone by tomorrow T_T

  3. control ur temptations to eat them for now.. feeling good with ur eye is the priority rite? =)

    Pray that u'll get well soon.