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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

>_< *sigh

Talking about getting ur pc infected. Today is the day where my pc at work gets screwed! *sigh~ I was transfering some files to my colleague's thumbdrive. Guess wut happen? Everything turn really slow. And when I rebooted my pc. I can't open any darn frigging application! >:(

It must be her computer at home or at work that caused this problem here! *sigh~ Am so annoyed.

I'm currently running on Safe Mode with networking. I'll be scanning my computer >:(


  1. Alamak kena spyware ka? O.o

    That sucks when it happens. :(

  2. yeah kana spyware T_T

    tsk~ inilah ni those ppl dun scan their computer de *tsk~

    mas yang kena suffer tsk~

    T_T luckily able to fix the problem...if not, no mapuru XD