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Monday, June 18, 2007

Talking about having a bad day

Blackout twice this morning around 7am. Yes, I owez iron my clothes at the very last minute. I know I shouldn't. I cleaned my computer table yesterday. It's clean now. Thank gawd. Scared I might be allergic to dust maybe too? XD

Mimi was crazy last nite. Should cut her nails but I couldn't. So, I'll end up getting scars on my leg again T_T oh nois. But mas couldn't cut it XD save me save me.

Was trying to make the bunnie plushie but am at doubt. Oh nois. Maybe should do the drawstring bag. Oh nois. T_T

Need to organize the cupboard too. It's all messy now. Can't stand looking at it. Even my sister's boxes in the room is irritating enuff for my eyes to see. Oh geez. Here I go. I'm going crazy.

Was gonna take some photos yesterday but it rained. Oh nois again.

I got in to the office at 9:40am today. No parking and old building bad cabling problem again. Boss told me I had to go help at Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Expo in September. Omg~ I so hate being thrown around like this. I hate joining expo thinggies. Seriously. Never gewd with ppl. ^^; Save me again plz~

Till then...I'm speechless T_T I juz need to rant this morning. *tsk~


  1. Aww...

    Hope the day's getting better soon. GO makan Japanese food! xD

  2. What expo larrh... Expo Cintai Malaysia?

    I agree that people skills are important.. why not you participate in trade shows as visitors? 'cause expo veli important in B2B industries. What you don't like abt participating in expo as exhibitors?

  3. i want to wish u a happy day~ n hope u get to eat good food again soon! BLOG FOOD AH~~~!!! wahahaha XD

  4. cin: wahhahaha..yes i should eat japanese fewd..make me feel better XD

    boon kheng: i'm not gewd with crowds and ppl hahahaha...never liked it.. XD

    julian: wakkakaka thanks...pleasant trip for u XD hohohoho blog fewd ah? XD