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Monday, June 11, 2007

Life Progress

Do you follow your instinct? I know I should today. I already got this feeling that it gonna start off bad. Which it did. I waited for parking nearly 1 hour again *hiks~ I reach office and one of my colleague cut her hair oledi. Oh man, I still haven't cut my hair OMG! I know I know.

I found a plastic with cloth on my table. I keep on wondering whose is it. Somebody gimme or it's the auntie cleaner's? This is the thing about me. I dun really ask ppl. *hiks. Couldn't be bothered actually *hiks. Yes, bad habit I know. *tsk~

I should go ArtJam yesterday but somehow I felt really really tired. Felt like lazing around the house whole day. I even left my handphones in the room. Couldn't be bothered again XD So, guess wut I watched on astro yesterday?

Now, lemme see. Fantastic 4, ElizabethTown (oh this movie is nice), Sweet 16 on MTV ahhahahah this owez cracks me up and Casanova XD

I've been slowing down on blogging I know. I was bz creating a new layout with this blogger. Maybe coz I take shortcut in learning codings hahahhaha opps. I owez do that. XD

Well then, I'm gonna take some time to post some photos of wut we had last Saturday at Giant Kolombong Fewd Court XD
dim sum. er...this is century egg. not bad
mongolia chicken rice? i think
fried tang hoon yummie XDwa tan mee XD banyak oh the fish and chicken meat XD

And we did some mapuring.

And my sleepyhead cat on my bag XD


  1. OHMYGODLAH, I'm so hungry now! >.<

  2. XD kekekekkekeke...fewd XD

  3. Your cat is positively adorable! Ish! I feel like pinching its cheeks, haha!

    Hey, wait a minute... I thought some dim sum dishes are non-halal??