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Monday, June 25, 2007

T_T *tsk

Am so sad. I had chicken rice from Vietnam Peppermint *tsk~ Gahh!!! stewped freaking rashes. Told my mum about it. Guess wut she said? "Osyter Sauce". *tsk~ Am so annoyed.

So wut can I eat lah?! *tsk~ Vegetarian la like this.


  1. Vegetarian is good.

    Can lose weight. :P


  2. yea, i think toscani got some vege... i think so. if not we just eat ice cream ja lah ok. :)

  3. *rofl...thanks guys..

    cin: bukan vegetarian er lotsa apa tu..fattening oso..apa tu? wheat? flour wut? i dunno hahahah XD oh nois

    tsk..i juz realized i spelled oyster wrongly hahahah my bad~

  4. vegetable fat? minyak sayuran?

    lol, i dunno myself!

  5. aduh mas.... how la next time i wanna bawa u makan this??????? SOB!!!!!