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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Life Progress

This is why, one should not mix too many junk fewd in a day *cough. Bad example massy bad, very bad. Yes, I woke up at 5am this morning for *cough toilet XD kekekkekeke. And I'm super fresh now, so I decided to browse around XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Talking about getting hyper? Yes, I am slightly not entirely hyper weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

I did some browsing at COLOURlovers, as recommended by cindy. Umm, I love some colors but I dunno how to mix it in a layout *cough. Yes I'm very bad at it. Hmm, definately not pink, choose the same color again ah?

I'm super hungry now, try going to the toilet twice!!! *cough. Umm. Maybe I should sleep on it so I won't be hungry? Hmm. Stomach growling XD oh nois~ T_T hunger!

Oh, btw, I would wanna say now and today that I seriously hate arse kisser, posers, sweet talkers *sigh. Juz so that I got this fren. Ogie, maybe my fren concept is so wrong and slightly weird but as I said, I got this fren, who is the anti-social, dunno dun care type turned into the opposite which is very annoying to me now. *cough yes. I dun like ppl who doesn't care suddenly cared about ur well being. BE YOURSELF gawd dammit! *pftttttt. I could ignore a person behaving like this and I did. And my explanation is, "u're being weird" XD I can't explain myself for this behaviour but yes I'm confessing that I am psychotic and I'm weird XD *whistle~

Gahhh, super hungry! Sleep on it.

Mimi *pst mimi. Come find ur lingling.


  1. Wow, waking up at 5 in the morning is early! I woke up at 2PM .. went to bed at 6AM. LOL!

    How's the progress on your new layout? Hehehehe.. The current one is not bad wat. Cantik the bluish theme. :)

    Yeh, I hate those kind of people too who tried to be someone that they're not. Grrr..

  2. cin: yeah i woke up so early and couldn't sleep back haihs~ then went mapuring and watch tv. gawd.

    omg, so true..i hate those ppl XD

  3. My God you got up just as I was going to bed. That's insane man. What is this thing where you feel compelled to sleep as late as you can during your vacation eh?

  4. lol...i sleep early..i wake up early *sigh. waking late dun work for me lately. weirdness. hmm. and i sleep darn early sometimes

  5. how to use the COLOURlovers in the blog? *curious?* I wanna change the layout and colour and theme for my blog as well.. but do not know how to do it.. how how how? mas tulung.. ada website that teach u to do it? paling bagus is, got website yg help to do it? ketara lazy ba sya nih....

    psst.. i hope ur stomach doesnt give u prob already. take care mas :D

  6. oh the colorlovers site is for u to pick colors and design urself ler..if u want erm ready punya layout i think i got some site..kijap..*pikir url dulu

    others inda ingat sudah but try search for beta blogger template dari google XD