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Saturday, June 07, 2008

We're On Strike!!!

It's a Thursday.

It's becoz of 2.70 (not really). I exaggerate a bit. Now, everywhere I (we) wanna go, we think 10 times. Ogie maybe not 10, 2-3 times is enuff for normal human being. In this case I'm not normal coz I think more than 10 times sometimes *giggle. Canceling most of the plan. NEED MORE MONEH!!!! MONEH!!! *slaps self.

Well it's more like a planned photo shooting outing. Well I couldn't even call it an outing. So few of us. I shall not disclose some ppl who escaped from work *cough cough kidding kidding.

I took leave ah! I did not escape. E-S-C-A-P-E @_@ sot.

Aight, here's how the whole outing started. I woke up early, I have no idea why, took my sweet time browsing through the forum, facebook and blogs. Showered, went off to pick 540 and Jack up. Drove to Tg. Aru. Met fallenone there. So, it's 6 of us, "mogok becoz of 2.70".

Our model is 540, our photographer is duck *cough cough, I mean chucky. Check out his post about it, here. No photos up yet though, coz pending for approval from the model *rofl. 540 wanted shots with me, now since when I become the model! OI! =_=" I dun pose for ppl sorry. I is awkward. @_@

Some photos, taken by me, duck and Jack. *giggle.

this is not the 1st time we wore the same color shirt *rofl. somehow my right arm in this shot makes us look like conjoined twin @_@

actual event. i dun haf a straight back. i'm a "sloucher" *giggle

I was shooting my pinky figures, I'll post up the photos in my Pinky Street PhotoJournal blog in a bit. But when I was shooting, em ppl took funny looking shots of me. @_@

We had lunch at Mode Cafe, KAC. Their lunch set *thumbs. I rike! Set meal lunch inclusive of soup of the day and drinks of ur choice (tea/coffee/ice lemon tea), price RM8++. Here's some to choose from (more like wut we ordered). Check out the raves here.


We were there till almost noon coz we'll shift to Imperial for another location shoot. Thanks Impy. Some of the shots here.

r we of the same height too? @_@

while they were shooting, dori showed me the eyeball. this view, does look like a real eye, well exclude the panasonic @_@ it took me 3 tries coz dori's hand couldn't stop shaking =_="

which is ur photographer?

We were there for few hours till we move to KAC again for dinner.

Overall it was a fun and tiring day. Though, my shots aren't that great. It's not even gewd. But, out of 40 shots I took of 540, she only kept 1 @_@ aduh~

We'll wait for duck to post the model photos @_@ wokeh~ I is done~


  1. why bah alot of mr. F sana. i have started a movement amongst you.

  2. uncle: we know u liked it XD