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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tagged: 6 nonsensical stuffs about me

I got tagged! By Amy. *roll eyes.

1. Link to the person that tagged you - Amy
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag someone - do I really have to? @_@""" ohoho it didn't say how many hohoho

6 (non)sensical stuffs about me. *takes a moment

*cough cough

I get annoyed easily. I mean I have no idea why small things tick me sometimes. I labeled them as noise. I'm annoyed with slow drivers too, I dunno, I'm not even in a rush (so what is wrong with me?) Even when I'm sleeping, I can't sleep with noise, I tend to wake up pissed and tell everyone to shut the hell up *uhuk~ SEE! I know, my ears are sensitive XD

I'm picky. I'm one of those people who used to not eat any vegetables. Yes, I only started eating lots of vege when I started college. Why? My sis, Tina, brain washed me. *rofl but I'm still picky, like people said, I only eat expensive vege. *indenial mode ON. Ogie in other words, I like em crunchy and non bitter XD hehe. And I hate mix vege, you know those that sells in packs? or you call em "FROZEN VEGE!?" wut's up with that man. Whenever I ordered fried rice, sometimes they have those "frozen vege" in it? I'll separate it from the rice (those who know me seen this happen before heheheh)

I'm not a people person. This is a known fact. I got problem hugging people (*roll eyes at acom). I get nervous in crowds and slightly paranoid if I don't know anyone there. Well unless if I hang out with you often enough. I'll be like a kid running around laughing like I'm high on sugar. So, if there's an occasion that I just met you? Do not, I repeat, DO NOT expect me to be as friendly hehe coz I'm slightly slow in that department @_@ Well unless we "click" XD got exception hehe.

When I sleep, I like to wrap myself like a cocoon. There used to be an incident when I did that, my bro would come to bug me when I'm sleeping and wrap himself like one too @_@ *rofl that was funny. Especially when you say it.

Cubex: "Mas..." paused *look at a wrap cocoon "wuahhhhhhhh kepompong"
Mas: =_="""
Cubex: "I also want~~~"
Mas: =_="""

Yeah something like that.

I'm a cry baby T_T I hate it.

Wild imagination =_=". I love love love music! Well I'm not the most talented person on earth but I just simply love music hehe. Ogie, I got this habit of relating a song to a word. I didn't wanna do it, it's a spontaneous thing. Not only that, a word could actually make me imagine weird stuff. You people, know who you are, stop "stimulating my brain" man. And acom!!!! you're suppose to support me!!! hmph~

Anyways, that said, I shall *giggles tag ppl MWAHHAHAHAHAH
1. Rozie
2. 540
3. dori

Ogie sukup~


  1. I'm one of those who despised having anything to do with vegetables too up until a couple of years ago. Now I kinda love eating all sorts of veggies with my favourite being broccoli, asparagus, kai lan and kangkung ...

  2. #1 with slow drivers just drives me up the wall!

    but as for #2, won't say i'm picky but one thing i will NOT eat is tuhau! the smell!!! it's like that smelly bug...

  3. nick: hahahahah same same...notice most u mentioned are expensive vege hahahahahah XD

    perry: hahahahahahaha XD ogie, i'm normal yay! XD

  4. Hehehe Thanks for the tag dear! Tunggu for a while ya? Becos my queue panjang betul! :P

  5. rozie: problem hehehe

  6. m, you forget to tell everyone what the doctor told you earlier in your life. go on, tell them.
    what? you want me to refresh your memory? was it too long ago? i remember it like yesterday, when i hold your hand outside the reception area.
    m: doc says i have a problem.
    i is silence.
    m: i just dont know how to deal with the future after what he told me.
    m opened up her bag, took her cellphone out and starts to text.
    m: oh sorry.
    i: so what did he say?
    m rolled her eyes up. she look at me and told me she was hungry. another text message came in.
    m: lets eat.
    i: tell me first. what did he told you?
    m: lets just go out and eat.
    i: lets walk over..
    m: what??? are you crary? in the hot sun? i'd rather 'puasa'.
    i: hey, somebody is in a bad mood.
    m lets go off my hand. her hands are sweating. her mind is distance.
    m: no i am not.
    m then showed' the hand' into my face. m walked over out of the office. i ran over to her.
    m: just stup up and take your stupid car and collect me from her.
    i: ok. wait here.
    as i walk to my car, until today, i still cant understand what made m so angry after she exited out from the psychiatrist office.

    we had a normal lunch. there was no detectable unstable emotion throughout the course. she took her prescribed medicines.


  7. dood..u're whack...i think that was ur story man @_@