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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Compy is back in town YAY!

I'm gonna take a moment to wake up. *yawns. Aight here goes.

I love u Compy!!!! X3 Yesu yesu, I had lunch with her, bibing, pinky, dori, Jack, Xander and Panja. X3 Oh at Ssam Station. X3 We were suppose to meet there around 1pm hehe, a bit late sorry @_@

I had Do Si Rak (chicken) and Iced Jasmine Tea. I was eating really slow (snail mode ON), I have no idea why, I know I have appetite to eat but maybe I'm partially sleeping. It was a fun lunch outing. Ogie, except the part where I sound silly @_@ eek~ Took a moment, did the price of the bento increased? *blur

People shot.

Jack, Bibing, Panja and Xander. Eeks~ I didn't take shot of my side of people. ZzzzZ sleepy~

photo leeched from Xander

OMG! I look tired and my hair's a mess gah!!!!! I need to cut it!!! Frigging cut it!

After lunch, we continue our chat at KAC. We went to Fook Yuen coz Kopicat was close. I think I parked too far. Thank gawd we got 2 umbrella. But it was raining so heavily that everyone was wet @_@ eeks~ Sorry ppl! But it was fun and funny. All the way driving home, the road was flooded eeks~ I had to drive slow to prevent from getting splashes of water to my car. But that's not until I reach my area. The Menggatal to KK road is flooded! I mean flooded! Cars from the other side had to use one of the lane where I'm at. And when I reached the junction to my house... *speechless.

Thank gawd, still can go through that. *phew~

Next blog post will be about the night. I went to friend's wedding.

We're having a fewd outing on Monday, check here for details.

Venue: KK Seafood Nite Market
Date: 9th June 2008 (Monday)
Time: 7pm


  1. Note to self: Always makan kenyang2 before dropping by Massy's blog!

  2. syura: hahahahahah sorry 'bout dat XD

  3. OMG over here also flooded all over. So scary lah.

  4. rozella: OMG! yeah scary oh...make me wanna go home early >.<