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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Two (2) days of lack of sleep. I'm either hyper or blur. Maybe slightly deaf. I was determined to sleep early today. But guess that won't happen. *sweat.

My eyes were partially open when driving home from work. Dun worry, the likelihood of me falling asleep while driving is zero to none. But, wut got on my nerves was the slow moving cars around the road to Likas. Wut's up with that? I have no idea. I dun even bother wanna know.

I reached home and had this plan in my head. I'll eat, then shower and sleep. So I thought. YEAH RITE!!! Ogie, lets not go there yet, I saw this beautiful sunset. Took some shots of it. The sad thing was that it's covered with trees and houses. Oh well, at least I tried.

My sis told me that she bought some egg tart. She tricked me. It's not that nice, the crust was too soft, I is no likey.

Well it was 8pm and guess wut? My sis's bf, who happens to be a chef, cooked fettucini and tomato chicken sauce. OMG! Could u even possibly resist that? O.o? So yeah, I ate and it's nearly 9pm omg~ that's so gonna spoil my diet. And I reach the point where I'm really really sleepy and partially have no idea wut I'm currently typing. But yeah, I'll try to sleep around 10pm. Dun worry ppl. I'll get more sleep today. Daijoubu desu~

Oh here, here's the fettucini.

And the tomato sauce, or tomato chicken sauce? It's like spaghetti sauce. This is nice. I rike.

Thanks to er my sis's bf for cooking this. But dun do it everyday, u'll spoil my diet man.


  1. you are from KK? I am from KK too and I hate the traffic jam along to coastal Likas highway. It was not that bad before but since the Mini Putrajaya opened the traffic jam became pretty bad. But that is still not so bad compared to Singapore and Johor Bahru..ohh well I have to endure it since I choose to work in Singapore but stay in Johor Bahru. One good solution is Motorbike!!! I am going to review your blog in my blog soon so make sure you pop into my blog every now and then. Let meet up when I got some opportunity to go back to KK. Cheers..

  2. Darn! Now Im hunrgy! Boleh ka nampak makanan ndak lapar ah? Just once!! *sigh*

  3. Aisayman! Foods!!! At this hour when I saw the foods makes me hungry!!!

  4. sunduvan: hey, yeah I'm from KK XD oh yeah, the likas area only jam after 5:30pm like that, I think, but yesterday I was early and it was slow moving, and when I passed, it was actually cars being towed which is kinda retarded. Oh ogie, I'll look forward to that, I mean the review. Oh u're working at Singapore? I'll add u to my roll in a bit..

    syura: er, makanan ndak lapar is wut type ah? XD

    yinsi: hahahahahah omg wrong timing hahahaha XD

  5. mmmm..fettucini..mmm..yummy..mmm...i wanna eat my com screen rite now..mmm...i almost can smell it..adoih..tummy making Nirvana-like sounds...arghh..

  6. xander: post will be about fewd again omg! XD

  7. Food picture are all good.. Very texturized with the quality pictures and everything, no wonder everyone is hungry after looking at it.

    What cought my attention, was the sunset picture. I enjoy looking at the sunset too.
    No matter whether it is covered by the tress, or the natural environment, It is what makes this picture a wonderfull piece of art. (My point of view) Would it look good with just the Sky, and sun setting down? No right? With the clouds, and the mountains, and the tress, and ofcourse the houses, it is all perfect for me. It's all depends on one's view. I find it very cool, and warm.. Without the extra things inside this picture, it would look like a fake animated illustration..
    Thanks for sharing your moment.

  8. christy: why thank yew...i'm finding ways to improve my photography skills XD