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Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Show - Indie Band Festival 2008

From my previous post. YEAH!!! I went to Indie Band Festival 2008!!!!

I had some mass smsing and mass msging to invite people to this gig since I got well you can say lots of free tickets. But somehow most of my friends can't make it. Your lost. RUGI!!!! MMG RUGI!!! IT'S AWESOME!!!

I went there around before 12:30 noon. Walked around a bit with dori. Went and bugged Mars and Fara. *giggle. We were asked to cover our ears and face the other way. *cough cough. Don't kill me Mars *giggle. Went in and we got stamped. I feel like somebody's property @_@ (this gonna take days to disappear, uh oh, unless I rub it with soap every now and then? ?_?)

before going in. we were curious whether the tickets have any difference since there's difference in length? @_@ *curious. it is still a mystery for massy *nods nods

"darn ink! come off from my hand!!!"

Anyways, we're seated not far away from the stage. Well it's not near either but it's viewable.

fara and marsie representing GoShop to cover the event

Hujan started the show with "Bila Aku Sudah Tiada", which is great btw. Some photos to go with it.

still can see the drummer. not as much but he's there *giggle

I don't really know who was suppose to go next but, Goyang 72 (I'm curious to why they name their band goyang? @_@ does the 72 = year ka? *curious) went on next after few minutes of waiting. The crowd was pissed. I mean they were bored and annoyed of the waiting. I was one of them. I think I could sleep if nobody starts playing something. They played few songs for us. They seem to have some fan base thing going on. Some photos of this band, oh yeah, they're Sabahan btw. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Performance by Bintang Batu (translated as RockStar?). An indie band from KL. One of their guitarist had problem with the instruments. They started off kinda rough, some of the crowd was being rude by "boo-ing" them. After the technical problem resolved, I think everyone works out fine and got support from the crowd. Which is shown in the video.

Bintang Batu covering I'm Not OK from My Chemical Romance.

Which bring us to 4 Colour Circle. The music this band is playing is great. The only problem was, the vocalist. I'm not saying that I'm a better singer (heck I think I'm tone deaf), anyways, the vocalist does not sound good and he forgot the lyrics @_@ aiya~ ancus.

Then it was 7 Missing Potraits (but there's 6 of them? Why izzit called 7 missing potraits? *curious). This band also have a fan base. The music was ogie. Maybe not quite up to my taste. Hmm maybe. Why? Coz I can't remember any of their music right now.

Followed by Sasuka (this band name suppose to mean something? enlighten me plz). I think this band have a fan base too, coz the crowd were crazy about them. I think the lead singer have great showmanship. And their songs are great too! I like this a lot. I think coz the lead singer attracted the crowd XD *thumbs

Oh yeah, after their performance, the lead singer was giving away FREE cds!!!! T_T I didn't get it *sigh. Coz I was far away. They throw pun inda sampai *sigh *cries. I want one too T_T

look at em RELA people on stage, pushing the people who jump onto the stage @_@. Noh from Hujan also had his share of those dive *rofl twice!! XD

And finally the concert closing by Hujan with erm I think it was 4-5 songs. Includes "Lonely Soldier Boy", "Ku Mahu Kau Tahu", "Pagi Yang Gelap", "Bila Aku Sudah Tiada" again. They were like "Did we play this yet?" I forgot they played like 4-5 songs in the end @_@ It sounded like the whole closing was unplanned XD But it was still awesome!!!! I mean AWESOME!!! The crowd were having their moments of sing along. Still stage diving like crazy @_@

Btw, this is part of "Lonely Soldier Boy" that I manage to record @_@ LIVE IS AWESOME!!!! I LOVE X3

*thumbs up for the performers. Hope there will be more indie music gig in the future! Oh yeah, the MC, she's a 50 year old lady (I think), she's AWESOME too! For keeping the show lively.

Complains from Massy about this gig.

  1. Lack of publicity. I see no press. It was short notice. I mean I found about about this 1-2 days prior man WTH.
  2. The event was unorganized. Seriously people, if you have a list of bands who should perform first, BE ON TIME!!!! People don't like to wait, I can't remember how long we waited for the next band (after the intro/opening by Hujan) to perform. The reason being, a band member just arrived from work/flight from where ever?! Come on man.
  3. The instruments set up. Yes, after a band finish playing their songs, it's the next band's turn, there's a delay of few minutes to set up and tune their instruments. Not only that, some bands have problem with their instruments during the concert.
  4. Lack of security. There's too many crazy people going up the stage and doing stage dive or wutever you call that. It's dangerous, somebody could break some bones man. They should put up some kind of limit to where they could actually stand. I know doing the dive thing is kewl and all. But SAFETY FIRST man! Not only that, even after the MC, the singers and the RELA uncle warned them about it, they still do it. MULES!! @_@
  5. Smoking inside the hall. I think some people is either blind or can't read. There's a non-smoking sign dood. Why the hell people still smoking inside the hall? The halls smells like smoke man. I'm not kidding.
  6. Rude audience. I'm not dissing on people. I just find it rude for a person to snatch the freebies from the singer.
  7. The echo @_@ OMG such a loud echo. I mean the sound system. It's great and all, but I think after a performance ends, and there's moments of silence, I feel like I'm partially deaf.
  8. The position of the drummer. I know drummer is always located somewhere in the middle. But it's not easy for people like me to take photos ah. Notice most of my photos no drummer shot.
  9. I saw some kids there. I mean young, really young kids, they got in with tickets ka? I'm confused.
Oh after all that, I'm still having problem with guys wearing tight jeans and in yellow color @_@ to add the "brain rejecting dilemma" I'm going through, he wore a girly shirt with a girly tote bag ogie. I must not question people's fashion, what would I know right? @_@"""

Note: I hope I don't have any spelling errors whatsoever coz I tend to do that when I'm too tired/lacking of sleep. Well if I do, please notify me @_@ I know em people laffing at me. KARMA!!! SERIOUSLY!

Wishing Justine (get well soon dood!) and boo a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!


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  2. wuahhhhhh~~~ i told you to photoshop me face! add more hair! T_T

    " bilaaa~~ aku telah tiadaaaa~~~"

    *jiwang cornerz*
    (will only come out if u gimme purple Skittles)

  3. mars: i tot u were talking about the other photo, u know the one with the shades? XD heheheheh...

    PURPLE SKITTLES ARE MINE!!!! BWAHAHHAHAHAHA XD oh my head @_@ too much sugar

  4. Lonely Soldier Boy. I missed it.

    Heck I missed the whole shait. Damn it. Oh well, back to D&D.

  5. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Lol... I missed it oso.. darn! darn! darn!

  6. panja: @_@ isk~ indie band festival not all the time man @_@ dnd can play anytime bah XP

    mimie: nooooooooooo why u can't make it nooooooooo T_T

  7. tx........ kak mas for being the first person to greet.

  8. @_@ aiya boo dun call me kak leh @_@ aiyo @_@

  9. ..macam tidak banyak crowd kan...kumpulan hujan plak tuh datang... ya la.. not much publicity kot like you said

  10. kay: mmg pun tiada publicity at all...i feel like it's a waste...i mean coz there's no publicity

  11. @Mas: semua gambar i pun mau photoshop. liquify XD bWahahahaha!

    ... dang! i need to loose those chubby cheeks!

    *curi Massy's Skittles*

    @Panja: what la u. u should play less DnD and go to that Indie Band Festival and let me step *cough*, i mean, RUB your shiny shoes =D

  12. mars: hahahahaha rusak!!! chubby cheeks? @_@ astaga...nooooooooooo my skittles!!! I need more skittles @_@ uh uh i need to sneak to likas square soon!!! XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Wow...

    They just ruined my favourite Jap song from Mospeada Anime...


  14. @_@ i think it was ok leh

  15. Wow it seems like you guys had tons of fun :) Bestnya.

  16. rozie: I know I did. Enjoy gewd indie music. I rike! X3 too bad they lack promotion la..if not more people XD