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Sunday, June 22, 2008

of Betrayal of House on Haunted Hill & BEANIES!

Yesterday's plan was to play "Betrayal of House on Haunted Hill" with bunch of people at KAC Food Court. Oh man, the air conditioning at the food court is damn crazy man. When I said damn crazy, it is damn crazy. I had porridge for lunch, I was hungry after few minutes. But I manage to hold it up till dinner @_@ Thank gawd.

We had 2 sessions. How many players? 3 ahahhahaa. It's so funny. Each player get to play 2 character. It was fun! I mean seriously! It is. Eventhough it's only me, acom and dori. *rofl. 1st scenario was the blob @_@ we got so confused with the steps that we skip it. We played another round of 3 players again. This time DaSaru joined halfway. I mean in the middle of the game. This time, we got the Witch and frog scenario. This was draggy. Seriously. The witch was immortal and damn ghey! Keep on running. =_=" in the end I gave up coz I was too hungry to go back and forth juz to kill her @_@. It was still fun *rofl.

To make the story short. We were there since 1:30pm-ish till 6pm-ish @_@ waw.

Meanwhile, if you've seen acom with her beanie before. Now u'll see me with one ogie maybe few too. *greed~ Her grandma made em and selling it for RM10 each. Trust me, if u guys are like me, u'll be like wanting to try on every single color there is. Coz if u take a shot of this beanie by placing it on a chair, u'll be like picking out colors but if u try it on ur head, OMG! U CAN'T IMAGINE HOW CRAZY IT'LL BE! And I'm not kidding. I bought 2 btw XD



  1. Beanie addict spotted!!!

  2. never knew such a boardgame existed!

  3. wow, massy's 'deep-thought' look..together with her 'thinking-cap' on..tee hee hee..


    perry: yes yes, join us and play XD

    xander: hehehehe..camwhore if deep thought muka serious sikit XD

  5. ooooo massy's a beanie fanatic!

  6. jna: T_T save me T_T