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Monday, June 02, 2008

Mango Cafe KK is now officially Open!!!

There's a new cafe in TOWN! Mango Cafe KK, located at 1st Floor, Kompleks Asia City. Btw, check it out, they have a blog too. With green and yellow colors for their walls and interior, mango colors XD

Ok, here's the thing. I was suppose to meet up with dx (Lim) from like around 6:30pm rite, but I was way too early, since I got off directly from work and needed to kill time. Luckily I'm not alone. Dori was there too. So, both of us decided to "kill time" by looking for this new cafe. We searched the whole ground floor (no, we didn't ask the information counter coz we wanted to "waste time" looking for it)., nope ground floor is out, and it couldn't be at the 2nd floor. So that leaves us the 1st floor. I remembered it to be green color coz I've visited the blog few times. But we manage to find it hehe. After few minutes of walking of coz. And it's still too early.

Well since we were hungry, we decided to look for snacks. We went to Mode Cafe for fries and ice lemon tea, again the same reason, to wait for 6:30pm. We even get to play CrossworDS. dx came so we went up to 1st floor. Lotsa people.

Here, the guestbook, write something...

Met Fara and Sotong there. Uh uh, Impy, Amie and Jacq was there too.

Here's how the place look like.

Started off with lemongrass drink. You might think this is H2O but it's not. It's LEMONGRASS!!! XD

The owner, John (correct ka the name?) welcomes the guest.

The fewd (I'm sorry, I dunno the names of these fewd).


I have to say that I love the fish and the pandan chicken. I skipped the vegetables coz I can't eat em. I'm looking forward for different fish dish, say, deep fried fish? *drools~

The desserts

i dunno wut this is called but the taste is juz nice. it's not too sweet or too bland

Oh and check out the raves here.

Maybe I'll drop by again, so I could get better shots of the surrounding. It was too crowded earlier, I er was having a hard time to er take photos XD *sweat.

Last but not least, I got 2 shot of these 2 ppl. Funny. Anyways, I'll let ur minds do all the thinking *giggle.

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  1. Wowww.. the food looks so yummy!! And the desserts too!! Mesti mau try ni balik kk nanti!! *slurpp*

  2. yeah, i wanna go again to try other dishes XD

  3. Oooo... I must go soon!! Hehe I didn't know ada a new Thai food joint in town. Me loves Thai food!

  4. *nods nods..i oso love thai fewd...

  5. Bestnya makan free. I saw you in Jacq's blog!! :)

  6. kay: heheheh yeap, i know, i saw, but blum lagi pg comment hehe...and yes, i met her and amie there

  7. ur blog is full of goodness but thank you for the update.will sure go here one of these day.

  8. hey deana! thanks for dropping by my blog...omg i nearly order ur cupcakes for my bro's b'day but it was way too last minute. i hope i'll get the chance to soon! XD

  9. Creamy3:18 AM

    Hey, that's DJ johnboy bah tu..the owner..he's back in wasn't the same without him..dulu saya dengar dia s'krang mau try food dia..haha

  10. creamy: dj? oh i didn't know dat. @_@ ogie..that's a new info for me XD thanks