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Monday, June 23, 2008

"Another Life" Movie Audition Part 2

Yet another Sunday and I was helping out at the "Another Life" 2nd session of audition. Check out the 1st session, (if you missed out), here.

And the video (leeched from Impy) from the 1st audition.

Here's the video I took from 1st audition session. I seriously gotta show this coz it's really really funny. This is while uncle and sotong practicing their lines. *giggle. Ogie, yes the background giggling =_=" it's me @_@ I'm sorry, I can't help myself.

Who was there?
Impy, JoJ, Sotong, Fara, Nana, Me, Dori, KC, Uncle, Mr. P, Duck, zero, Joanna, Paul and 3 of his frens (did I miss out anyone?).

Before the audition. Here's some hair styling tips for the guys by Fara.

Tip #1: Pony Tail

Tip #2: Half Pony Tail (towards the end, please find him singing "barbie girl" *faints)

Youtube sux! I'm uploading using vimeo now XD

Well, we could have a Tip #3 if but inda sukup getah rambut XD next time use getah pasar XD

Had breakfast, thank yew (but I still prefer the mee hoon *drools~).

Not only that, while waiting for people to come, I get to eat some cupuru cakie (cupcakes) Fara bought from Warisan Square XD

Aren't these cute? It's sugary sweet XD

I felt like a guinea pig. Gimme pictahs!!!! PICTAHS!!! @_@

Yosh! This is my other beanie! Waw, I'm so colorful! XD I feel hippie-ish somehow~ And I hate my hair *pfttttttt~~~

The judge and "crew".

More post, check out duck's post and JoJ's post.

Well at least we finish by 1 hour early. Yosh! Looking forward for the photos from zero.


  1. Those cupcakes look so cute and yummy!

  2. rozie: yes it was so cute dat i stop them from eating it before i take photo of it XD hehehe punya teruk me dis XD

  3. IT IS YUMMY! although i didnt taste it!

  4. uncle: so how would u know it's yummy? XD

  5. Trust massy to make you hungry in the afternoon!! LOL!

    Anyways, where exactly at Warisan Square is it ahh?? I also want to go find. hehehe..

    And I love your colourful beanies massy!! Smaaattttt!! I likkkkeee!! :D

  6. shemah hehehe sollie..inda sah ni blog ku without makanan XD's in the middle near the entrance same row as imperial's the shop that sells those fruit drink or yoyo like drink..i think..if i could remember fara's description correctly XD

    thankie!! yes i love em beanie..i got from acom XD