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Monday, June 02, 2008

Free GSC Movie Tix & 1 Borneo

We had this plan to watch "Nim's Island" yesterday at GSC, 1Borneo. Btw, GSC is giving away free tix from 31st May 2008 - 4th June 2008. There are some movies (that aren't so new for u to watch), get the coupons here (click the GSC 1Borneo banner in the middle of the page). It was my 1st time to 1Borneo. Scared that I might get lost. But I manage to get there safe. Well I was suppose to meet up with Fara at around 10:30am, but I was late *giggle. Gomene~

Yes, when I got there, the first thing I find confusing is the parking. @_@ You can either go to 2nd floor parking or lower ground parking. I didn't notice no 2nd floor parking. I guess they close it. So, I went to the confusing lower ground parking instead. The reception in 1Borneo is bad, so, I had a hard time calling Fara up T_T I was scared and I was alone woo~~~ As I called Fara for direction (to GSC), I noticed the banner, silly me. It's at the 2nd floor.

When I was there, I didn't notice 3 of them (Fara, Sotong and Mars) walking towards me. Well I'm sorry if I'm so blur. I haven't eaten yet and it's nearly 11am T_T. They left around 11am-ish coz sotong need to go somewhere. So, I waited for dori instead. ALONE!!! *kowaii desu~

There were a lot of "construction workers" (PTIs) there. *paranoid mode. You could ask acom how paranoid I was, non-stop smsing her that time. That's how paranoid I was. Yes, I crowd phobic and it's not fun being alone T_T *cries. One of those ppl approached me O.O""" eeks~ *paranoid. The following conversation is translated, I have a hard time remembering it in Malay. I have no idea wut's wrong with me in that case. *sweats~

PTI dood: "Kak, where did u get those papers?"
Scared paranoid massy: O.O!!! "er..Internet..." *eyes roll away *praying that dori will appear
PTI dood: "Where can I buy it?"
Scared paranoid massy: O.O!!! "er..No..." *slowly walks away

Yes, try to imagine this. I was standing slightly near to the counter, more like near to the tree and dustbin where they left me, and I keep on moving till I reach the middle coz some of those people were like walking everywhere around me and I was paranoid. Some of them were looking at me @_@ *kowaii~~~ =_=" Not only that, later after that, I saw one of them spits on the floor, IN FRONT OF ME!!! EWWWWWWWWWW =_=" on the gawddamn tile ewwwwwwww =_=" *sigh. At that time I feel like I wanna strangle dori for being late.

Dori came, we redeemed 4 tix each. XD mas greedy. Help people redeem tix. *rofl Something must be wrong with me. I blame the paranoia earlier hehe~ Anyways, after redeemed 8 tix, we went fewd hunting. Ogie, I must be high coz I think I was obsessed with taking photos of the place than eating. I had to stop myself before I starve while walking in that mall. Some of the shops are opened already and some are still under construction. The fewds are at the ground floor mwahhaha XD (at this point, I was too lazy to edit the photos). Ogie, I change my mind. Here's wut u can find at 1Borneo.

the fewd court, juz below GSC (1st floor). btw you have to purchase coupons

Some of the fewd outlets around ground floor hehe.

not forgetting this

There's a lot more actually but I think I'll faint if I upload everything XD There's also Big Apple Donuts, oh I can't remember everything. Oh, I think this is considered lower ground. Fish & Co. is next to the hotel. Ground floor is filled with branded clothing line like Espirit, Roxy, PDI etc etc, too many to mention. Jusco on top floor. There's also a Nelson's kiosk next to Tune Hotels.

I had double cheeseburger, and I leeched some of dori's chicken nugget XD Went home around noon coz my sis asked me to send her to her fren's place, but when I reached home, she changed her mind. *kuyaks~ So, I was there, at the living room, lazing around watching TV like a gawddamn sloth. I think it was till 4pm that I went upstairs for a shower and change.

I got out of the house at around 6pm to 1Borneo again, coz the movie is around 8:45pm and we need to eat. I mean dinner. We went to Sushi King! Here's some of the fewd I had. Check out the raves here.

soft crabbu anyone?

I think there's roughly 14 of us there. But you know wut sux? The kids in the front row was uber noisy. They can't stop moving and standing. OMG! =_=" But, the movie was ogie, not so exciting. It was er ogie. It was 10pm-ish and uncle wanted to eat. I guess popcorn isn't enuff *giggle. So, I went to send my sis home and went back to McD where dias, uncle, dori and my bro were at. Yes, I know, I'm crazy. I think we left at around past midnite. I sent 540 home and went home after that. I only sleep at 2am coz it was boring XD

he was that hungry. i'm telling u. he was

And I'm at work now, feeling all hyper again. *hiks~ I need sleep @_@

You think this post is long and confusing? Guess again. I have no idea wut I juz type hahahahahah. @_@


  1. alaaaa. you didnt mention the one where you ter-geli when you saw the lizards

  2. the thing sticking out from Rainer's mouth looked like a frog's leg from here!

    Wow Rainer! U beat your fear sudah!!! XD

  3. uncle: shhh shhh, rahsia negara tu! shh shhh

    sotong: hahahahahaha u wish!

  4. joanna: *giggle i know u wanna go manhattan fish market *giggle XD

  5. harrr....i haven't check out the place yet, and it's already filled wif 'construction workers'???? can!!!

  6. lucy: *nods nods. filled with PTI was scary. i mean the sight was =_=" i hope it won't turn out like cp @_@

  7. I was there last night to catch 10,000BC Free Screening at GSC 1Borneo.

    I tell you... there is enough PTIs there to make you feel like they're the 1st Class Citizens and you're the 2nd Class Citizens...

  8. nick: I gotta agree man..about them being the 1st class citizens and all..@_@