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Tuesday, June 24, 2008


I seriously wanna know!!! What the hell is up with this whole rumour shite about the petrol station going on strike?! =_=" *sigh.

I received lotsa phone calls from friends asking wut's the road condition and some advice me to stay where I am. I dun wanna stay in my office for gawd sake! =_=" dammit!

Now the whole route to my house is jammed. And my bro is one of those ppl who's stuck in that jam.

How the hell am I gonna go home now?! =_="

Screw this. I'm dropping by somewhere till it clear off then only go home. Damn shite!


So I later found out that it's only a rumor about this whole petrol station on strike thinggie. Most of the people from the forum are not satisfied with the stewped jam caused by this stewped rumor. Check it out, here.

I actually went to MindSlaver after work coz a fren who work around UMS area told me that the whole Likas area is jammed and cars aren't moving. There's no way in and out of that area. And the other routes going to my house is totally jammed. And we could actually see that KK area is as clear as the blue sky. But not until you reach the petrol station near Cathay, the roundabout there, is jammed. I had to make 1 big round from Sadong area to get to KAC.

Had dinner there and only got home around 8pm-ish. This whole thing is still retarded to me. *sigh


  1. It took me like an hour and a half to get home also. Jam gila everywhere!

  2. Oops.. I mean an hour and a half extra. :P

  3. Very shocking when I turned the radio at traffic report. I heard KK was jammed badly. Especially when it is nearby to any gas station.
    Rumors really can kill, what a waste of time. My dad went to fill up his tank RM80. LOL Incase la bha kan..

  4. rozie: fortunately for me, i drop by a fren's shop with a frustrated look to wait till the jam ease up..some of my frens patah balik ni @_@

    christy: yah!!!!!!! the road to my house got few petrol station ni...rusak oh these ppl! tension ni