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Sunday, August 12, 2007

ArtJam & Birthday

BEWARE! Long Post Ahead...

I wanted to post this last nite but I was super tired. It was a long and fun day!

First of all, would like to thank everyone for this wonderful surprise birthday party. And the birthday wishes via forum/msn/sms/blog/cbox. Thank yew so much. You people make Mas very very happy! XD And Happy Birthday to people celebrating their birthday on the month of August. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Today as planned was the 8th ArtJam. Omg, I miss ArtJam. Yes, I know I dun do anything there, well maybe take photo. But I love to see ppl draw XD

I'll start off by showing u guys some photo of a battle between rob-jr. a.k.a acing and my brother (cubex). The card is made by acing called "Aetherworld Card Battle". There should be more cards but he only brought only 12 of the card. There are more but it's been misplaced. *blame acing.

acing explaning to my brother and laying out the cards

start the battle

I would explain how to play this but it's gonna take some time. I think after they play few times I think I get the concept of the game. Kinda fun.

The theme for ArtJam: Fanart: Final Fantasy XD Check out some of the drawings here.

*Waves to cryonic and njay. Nice to meet u guys. Gomene~ I'm not a talkative person.

This is the surprise cake. Chocolate Heaven! Very chocolatey~ Yay! I'm 10 years old! XD Thanks guys! Mas very happy to be 10 mwahahah! I'm so young! (indenial state).

As the cake stated. Happy Birthday, Mas & Daniel. So, a shot of Mas and Daniel with the cake kekekek XD

Cutting the cake. Oh nois my hair, oh nois, I'm F**. T_T I'm F**. Oh, hard to cut the cake with that plastic knife thinggie. *looks at mas's photo. *chop cryonic's hand mwahhahaha >:)

More photos...

cryonic and njay. Alamak. sorry njay, tercovered by cryonic's hand XD

ehem ehem my chocolatey cakie~

my presento from IRTeA XD thankie~

Party's over. Start ur engine ppl. I mean drawing XD

This will be the maid series. We have a maid.

promoting coffee bean XD

candid shot XD she was looking at my brother hohoho

Dizzy with the maid headdress XD


*reverse psychology. "'ll be over soon" sorry, it's a bit bright. I forgot to adjust the color setting opps~

O.O omg~ fox omg~

O.O super omg~

I brought my plushie. Plushie have no name. Anybody wanna name em? XD Oh and mind the finger/hand. It's dizzy's XD I'm a bit lazy to edit that part XD

rina and my plushie XD so photogenic XD


cat: "save me~"

"waaaaaaaaa dun eat me~~ please dun eat me"

Not forgetting group photo! XD I love group photo. Thanks funny coffee bean dood who said gonna charge us RM10 for each shot XD

Me and acing went off at 5:40pm. We went to have a drink. I had to stay for dinner at 7:30pm. Had dinner at Nok Thai Restaurant. Hehe.

My 2nd cake. Er, oreo wut liao. Forgot oh. Haven't tasted this yet XD Sorry, the photos aren't so great, I was snapping it fast. Scared dad scold me coz we're eating XD

my mum got my candles wrong earlier. I'm 28 not 29 >.> ohohoho I get to wish twice mwahhaha XD


my uncle and aunt. yes, am wearing the same shirt coz I didn't go home yet?

Reason for picture to be removed: coz my 2nd sis thinks she's F**, and looked ugly in the photo, asked me to crop it or she'll to do the same thing to me next time. me too lazy to crop, i removed it. so if anyone unsatisfied with it, blame her. coz she can't stop eating hence become F**. *nuff said. ;P

Talking about perfect timing. I got 12 packs of red rock deli snacks from my uncle and aunt XD my uncle sang birthday song for me! XD This customized card designed by sifus and sig from everyone XD birthday wishes, cash from my parents $_$ cash from my sis $_$ hohoho I'm super happy.

Overall, it's a great day! XD Finally! I can go shower now! XD


  1. I just came out of the rainforest. Happy Birthday Massy.

  2. Happy Birthday Cuz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Lovely sequence of photos ! I almost feel I was there - VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY a bit late, but okay, better than not at all :-)

    I really think you mum made you a super cake and the birthday card (with all the signatures) is so cute.

  4. welcome back lance! XD

    thank yew cuzzie *hugs

    substar: omg~ thank yew so much~ XD yes, the photos are funny..i likey and i'm so happy. XD

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MASSY! Glad you had fun, two cakes and plenty of gifts! =) And that's a very nice drawing of you...

  6. Haapppyy Birthday! and i look fat in the pic lol!! But i really had fun that day though very shy2 jugak.

  7. Happy birthday Masssssssss...!!

    Sorry, I terforget lah. Haven't been online much bah. But the cake was awesome! Masih ada tinggalan lagi ka? Hehehehe..

  8. huiwen: heheh thanks XD yeah it was fun! XD

    njay: hahahahha...wot? fat? well, u're not as fat as *cough nvm XD

    cin: eeee where haf u been? thanks XD cake, chocolate finish, oreo cheese still got XD

  9. i m taking the pics of my hands drawing for my dA id XD;;; hope u dont mind, i will credit u back~

  10. sure not a problem XD

  11. ur 28?u dont look like it mas!!anyway,happy bday !!!

  12. shana: er yes i am XD kekekek thank yew thank yew

  13. Happy Belated birthday. you younger than my twins. Hooray. My twins got younger sister already kekeke.

  14. yay! i'm younger kakakkaka XD weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    thanks papa...i got 2 new big brothers wow kewl! XD

  15. harlamak.... a pic of me on the net..


    heheheeh... daniel..i likeeeeeee

  17. omg! did i wish u? happy belated b'day XD