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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Backdated Post: Pikom PC Fair 2007

I know I should post this last week. Well the reason for not doing it coz I was tired and lazy XD

As everyone know, it's PC Fair everywhere around. This time this event took place at Sabah Trade Centre. It started on Friday. I went there on Saturday with Amy. Met rob with his dad there. Oh, I met my dad there too. It's not 11am yet and there's a lot of ppl. Well, we were early too. Everyone rushing in at 11am, felt like going to a concert ^^;

I think the place was better, in terms of parking I guess. Since the last time they did it at CPS? Way too crowded. This is juz nice. But not much booth around and the place is a bit erm small and the lighting is bad ^^;

Not forgetting super hot! *sweats~

Here's some other shots inside, lucky the time we went not much crowd, I get to snap here and there. Other shots was bad, too much movement XD

speakers anyone?

"it's a sony" in this case booth XD

some of the crowds
Omg, the TM streamyx ppl are so annoying. They're everywhere!!! Seriously! Everywhere, each and every single corner passing out fliers and asking if anyone wanted to apply. Overall, it's crowded, I nearly can't feel the aircond. Well, that's pretty normal. I went home empty handed. T_T I couldn't find my dad.

*cough the main purpose for my dad to be there, for me is, mwahhaha, "take advantage" XD

Told my dad I wanted some stuff and he bought it for me yay! XD I got a new keyboard and some DVDs. Well, not being all ungrateful but I wanted the Imation DVDs XD

We went again on the last day, which is on Sunday. My dad went twice actually. Still lotsa ppl. Some like "pasar malam" (night market). I got a 2GB Kingston pendrive for RM68 mwahahaha XD Well, actually I wanted to get the 1GB which cost around RM38. But finish oledi T_T Oh well, 2GB is better than nothing rite?

After that, we went to dinner. Coz my mum wasn't around and we need to eat XD We went to this place called the "Recipe House" at Damai. Izzit? I forgot, I think so. It's the one next to Rafflesia Chicken Hut? Had grilled mackerel.

ocha, self service XD

There's an incident in between while waiting for our orders XD

The question? Do you eat first then pay or the other way around? XD Answer this and I'll tell u a story about it XD


  1. usually eat first then pay,why?story story

  2. hahhaha, the story, u're the 2nd person for me to tell the story. actually it's like this.

    we went there, this recipe house at damai. if u been there, u'll know how the shop/restaurant is. the concept, half store half restaurant. my dad went there many times before bah.

    but it was my 1st time and maybe my last.

    we ordered and while sitting, my dad pg la amik ni sushi yang sudah siap yang kena bungkus in 1 tray packet tu? from the store area. so we eat la, we even asked for sake, saja tanya² punya case. we finish eating the sushi, then, after awhile my dad took the 2nd tray la.

    sekali, out of the blue, one of the waiter came to us and told us to pay for it. sudah abis 1 tray baru minta bayar. teda pun sign/indication that customer who dine in should pay for dat sushi. then my dad ogie la, fine, bayar.

    tau la my dad tak puas ati, coz we ordered some fewd oso mar, takkan we pay one by one rite? so, my dad pg lah tanya tu waiter, how's ur management like this, separated, so troublesome. tu waiter pg crita history bah tempat my dad, yang got ppl came and went off without paying.

    it's obviously their fault coz they're suppose to pay attention, if not customer lari mar. terus my dad give them lecture pasal business lagi. sudah my dad pay tu sushi, those fellow inda kasi balik yang 2nd tray my dad blum makan lagi. nah apa lagi, manas my dad.

    after dat, my dad said, if our fewd blum sampai 5 mins, we cancel XD

    my dad if x puas ati berabis la tu nonstop lecturing. XD

    and my dad paid for the fewd before we eat. coz he malas oledi. he said later they said he didn't pay kekeke.

    gitu la critanya..huh panjang..hope u understand this XD

  3. Yea the shop's like that. Pay the food and drinks that you see on the fridge display first, then only consume it. But for food on menu, after eat then pay. Weird kan? But I love their salmon sashimi there lah! Yummy!

  4. dat's y my dad dun like the concept, u haf to do it seperately, inda confusing meh? XD