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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Online Games

I played a lot of free online games. During office hour sometimes (fine! all the time! ;P)

Super fun! XD

I totally like to play those Hidden Object kind of games.

But before that, I would like to say, if u like playing Diner Dash? Yes I played all 3 Diner Dash series before, you might wanna try on Wedding Dash. This is fun also.

Ahh those hidden object games, which I think people should play:
If you like those shooting game, try Revenge of the Chicken, this is so funny XD

Some arcade games like Turbo Pizza and Stand O'Food, is also fun.


  1. good for you at least u have entertainment at work, as for me all online games banned!all blocked!grrrr

  2. If I start to play online games, I will never know how does the world outside looks like, haha.

  3. shana: XD hehehe adei kana ban lagi tu

    huiwen: hohoho XD no worries, it's only during when i dun haf nothing to do XD

  4. Lucky you, got time to play online games! :D :D :D

  5. Elle_Secret aka Na-010:38 PM

    shana??? Me odi played Diner Dash 1 & 2. Flo on the go lagi blum. Gona play it after finish my diner dash 2. All in my pendrive. hehe... :D

  6. saiful: i guess i won't be singing, so lil time so much to do ei XD

    na-0: play play XD kekekeke

  7. Wahahahahah! You also gila play this games? LOL

    Aku mau pokai sudah ni buying all those games. Bf also complain sudah for using too much on the credit card. Wahahaha! (Pssst... got crack ka? Share-share lah.) LOL! xP

  8. cin: u want crack? mine all cracked version..*cough, did i said dat outloud? hahahaha, i use torrent download. all F.O.C mwahhaha *evil~ XD

  9. oooOOOoooo.. i've also heard about the torrent download way.. but didn't get around to doing it. kekeke.. but honestly, i get addicted to Cake Mania and Chicken Chase. huhuhuhu..

  10. *giggle...i got the cracked version of cake mania XD

    chicken chase? oh i should check dat out XD