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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tagged: Things I Hate

Tagged by Shana.

1. Food I hate Hmm, something that is too sweet.

2. Fruit I hate I dun really hate Pineapple, but I dun eat em XD

3. Veggies I hate I oso dun like taugeh XD Anything that is not crunchy, I dun like bitter type of veggies too.

4. Celebrities/People that I hate Who's fake. Who tries so hard to impress others *geez~ Who ask too many questions (so annoying). Bz bodies.

5. Event/Situation/Incident that I hate Crowded places.

6. TV Shows/Movies that I hate Most malaysian movies. Sorry.

7. Music I hate Shana, I oso cannot tahan that poco-poco song. It's so annoying. And I dun like dangdut oso ewwww~

8. Household chores that I hate Heheh, washing the dishes, dun like it XD

9. Things that you hate around the world Politics

10. Things that you hate about yourself I'm stubborn and I got a really bad temper XD

And would like to tag mwahhaha *grins~

justine, julian, adz and amy


  1. Wahhhh this is interesting infos.

    save again from being tagged. Kekkekee.

  2. oi papa u kena tag by shana ler :P

  3. papajoneh: tulah i've tagged u!lucky u!hehehe

    massy: melenggang poco poco ...lalalala

  4. papajoneh: tulah i've tagged u!lucky u!hehehe

    massy: melenggang poco poco ...lalalala

  5. waahhh.. so many type of people you hate massy?! hehe...

  6. shana: noiiiiiiiiiii~~ not that song again..eeeeeeeeee >.>

    syura: *guilty..yeap...i got more but we won't wanna list everything do we? XD

  7. Anonymous9:50 PM

    less "hate" would be nice eh??

    dislike maybe???

  8. anonymous: hmm true true. XD

  9. okie okie...kena la this...

  10. oi na lupa buat geng hahaha... okie okie buat nie sekrg