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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Life Progress

I've joined the other day and I got lotsa ppl visiting my blog. That's not juz it, it's way easier to read other bloggers blog post XD I lurve~ But this is mainly for Sabahan only. Correct me if I'm wrong XD

Btw, can anyone get in to sumandak's blog? I can't seem to get in after I red and commented the current post. Or my comment inda masuk tu? Blur~ *tsk tsk~

I had a thought, I wonder wut's the number of ppl who tend to pluck their hair. Not pluck all at once, crazy ar? I mean like pluck at the same time u were thinking. I sure do, but I try not to! Seriously I tried. My colleague pluck more than me *points~ XD Save mas! XD

Rum posted some photos of his new puppies at CSP forum. (I only wanna promote how cute the white one ogie). *steals one of his photo XD

TADA!!!! He's so cute!!! You guys should see his butt, "ada tompok itam" (got black spots). XD Rum said I like em coz of dat only. No I dun, I think he's cute compared to his siblings *cough XD I would want him if I lurve dogs. But I'm a cat lover ;P weeeeeeee

Nothing much to update since nothing interesting yet. But uh uh~ I got roughly 22 days left annual leave mwahhahah! Save em up for hari raya and year end holiday *pray for one XD

*thinks~ wut should I have for lunch hmm, or I should diet? I feel F~


  1. i like dogs.

    i wonder if mine will produce nice litters in few months.

  2. Alamak... putihnye..

    no need diet lah... just go ahead..makan makan makan.. u r not gemuk anyway..well at least thats what i see from your pics in the blog. :D

  3. dori: kekekekeke...take photo i want see XD

    papa: yes, cute oh tu puppy XD i feel F~ XD i am slightly F XD

  4. No need to diet lah Mas... you're not chubby also. Makan saja! Then take photos to show us. :P

    PS: Itu puppy cute oh.. for sale ka?

  5. cin: *cough, rum (my fren) got 6. he said once buka mata, will put them for adoption..*cough cough, u want? XD cute kan the white one..he said i'm obses with this white one...where got *indenial~ XD

    yerrrrrrrr i am chubby oh, se rasa gumuk oh XD