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Monday, August 27, 2007

Early "Bobo" Time

I'm too sleepy to actually update anything at this moment. I need some sleep.

Juz hope that mimi won't stomp on my leg again tonite. She does dat every nite even I didn't move my legs. She'll still stomp it, I'll get scratches on my leg T_T ouchie~ hmm maybe I should downgrade her? Hmm..

Well, my sis thinks it's her way of sweet revenge. Stomping on my leg. If her nails not as sharp, I'm ogie with it but ouch, I should cut her nails! Seriously. Anyone wanna volunteer to cut her nails *cough. So she won't be angry at me XD



  1. Haha, no thanks. I might get scratched instead, since I'm inexperienced in cutting nails of cats, haha.

  2. good night... sweet dreams! Happy bobo-ing..

  3. huiwen: T_T me too..huh~ lucky she didn't stomp my leg today XD

    shemah: XD

  4. G'night! :D Sleep well.

    Hehehe.. in fact, I also sleeped early last night, but then, tengah malam I terbangun! Uwaaaa..

  5. tido mati oh XD

    berabis tido ni XD