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Friday, August 24, 2007

Parking Incident and Some Personal Stuff

This is an actual situation. Wut happened to me yesterday after work. My car is parked at the parking space. And this stewped kembara double parked next to me, the space for me to get out from that parking space without honking like mad is juz too limited. *sigh.

Trying my best to get out without banging to every car around me. Came one of this old guy who parked in my area, was trying to help me get my car out of the parking. I think he panicked looking at me coz my car was 1 inch away from that $%@#%& car. *hiks~ But I manage to get out finally. Yes, I got out with cursing. Next time I should ready a print out stating "DO NOT BLOCK PPL'S CAR!!!" >:(

On other story, I'm currently scanning all the computers at work. Seems like most of them have virus threats. ^^; Oh nois~

Currently playing Emerald Tale XD This is something like bomberman XD


  1. What a moron. Perhaps you should stick an I Park Like An Idiot sticker on the car!

  2. been in that situation before,i manage to get out without banging other cars, kin geram!

  3. Anonymous11:54 AM

    how anyone can park that way is beyond me!! usually a call to by-law would solve the problem ... and cost the culprit $200 (about RM600++). that should teach 'em a lesson not to do it ever again eh???

    if you don't have a good enough filtering software in your system, you'd get viruses/worms no matter what!

  4. azmeen...yeah u're so right XD normally these kinda ppl leave their cars there and go to the restaurant yamchar..budu eh T_T

    shana: thank gawd my car ain't dat big, mo gila cursing se yesterday. the same car owez double park there..huh! bikin panas! if i'm unlucky, i get parking around there omg~ dat would be haihs~ i'm speechless

    anonymous: problem is everyone is doing it. ahhh, see, the virus thing, it's those popup ads they clicked...most probably or it's those uncleaned data from their old computer >.> transfered there..

  5. First off, I would like to say, that was a delightfully cute image *chuckles*.

    Secondly, punya ass tu orang. Grrr!

  6. cute image? XD kekekek ummm..the same arse guy block my car..

    plat number SA 7098 W kembara macam purple like color T_T isk~

  7. Get a spray paint and paint the word FCUK on his windscreen besar-besar!

    But then again, nanti kena saman. :P

  8. ^^; opposite police station oh.. XD

  9. Happenned to me before..

    Press the horn until the owner show up..

    Then give him that 'killer' look.

    Hahahhaa. Life is beautiful!

  10. look like you become one of the victim of ironic thing in Sabah now.

  11. saiful: yes, we owez do the killer look XD tambah lagi if wanna cepat..lagilah ^^;

    lance: yes T_T i hate double parking ppl! T_T owez block my car..susah butul mo kluar...*sigh this is why i owez end up arguing with ppl. they block my road XD


  13. lol true >:(

    sucks working in the city :(