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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Compy is Sick

Yes! You heard me! My compy is sicky T_T

1st the power supply died on me. Now my 250GB maxtor hddisk can't detect. Thanks for my bro for temporary installing his 80GB maxtor hddisk for me to backup my files. Must do it fast! XD

I need to clear my 250GB Hitachi hddisk and set it as primary hddisk. So, now I backup.

I'll blog/browse through blogs when I'm done. Sorry ppl T_T


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get well soon, compy!!

  2. woo T_T thanks cin..uhuhu~ still got lotsa files to burn out

  3. ..... 250GB can't detect?

    this scares me..

  4. dori: yeawor..this stewped maxtor..ada bunyi lagi tu...>_< *sigh. my fren said hitachi oso got same problem noiiiiiiiiii T_T then wut hddisk i use la like this T_T

  5. No wonder you went 'missing'. Hopefully this problem would be under controlled. All the best.

  6. T_T 40GB left to copy...huh~ so much files..after this, change cable then reformat secondary as primary then install windows hoho~

  7. me too backing up desktop pc now. tomorrow will go karamunsing and do some major upgrading... all specially tailored for my son's need... like powerful graphics for his games. no more complains from him after this.
    wish u good luck massy... and i actually miss u..adakah patut..isk isk isk..
    compy, get well soon..kesian... :(

  8. papa: wuahhhhhhhh josh gets powerful graphics for his compy? i want!! T_T i want i want i want XD

    oh, i'm done with my backup oledi..later come back from work need to change the cables and then start formatting the hddisk huh! banyak kerja tu la tamahak mo hddisk besar T_T