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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Life Progress

Izzit me or somehow it's hazing lately? Wut's sad is dat I've been eating bread for breakfast for 2 days and it's kinda boring. But, the most interesting part is wut I had for lunch. I had 1901 Chicago (mustard! loads of em) and Spicy Arabiata Spaghetti yesterday mwahaha. There goes my diet. Wut am I gonna have for today hmm *thinks

Btw, my sis was featured in the month of Aug issue of GoShop. Check it here.

I'm gonna be 28 in 2 days ^^; I seriously dun feel my age kakkakaka XD


  1. Massy, this might sound offensive to some, but you're not giving out 'older' vibes! You're young at heart! =)

  2. Anonymous1:24 AM

    Age is just a number ... just ask Mick Jagger!!!
    Havanicebirthday ...

  3. 28 ka massy?? I thought 18!! But seriously, you don't seem 28 at all!! Happy Birthday in advance!

  4. huiwen: wakkakakak XD thank yew *hugs

    anonymous: *rofl..ahhh..i'll bare dat in mind XD

    syura: thanks..wakkakaka XD yabah i'm 18 ni XD bila masa lagi ada kepala dua kan? XD

  5. XD 1901 mustard mustard XD

  6. Baru just now I marah the girl at 1901. Kekeke. Sudahlah she took the order 3 times, then she was soooo slow, then finally when I got the order, she got it all wrong. Haiiizzz.

    Anyways, happy advanced birthday!! 28 huh?? muda lagiii... besides, you don't look 28!! Have a happy happy birthday, massy!

  7. thanks shemah..adoi..which 1901 did u went? di wawasan i went punya, one of it salah order..^^;

  8. Mas..

    Age is just a number. I'm 29 this year, yet I don't feel like 29 at all. LOL!

    Oh ya, Happy birthday in advance!

    PS: Glamournya muka sister ko. :D

  9. cin: *rofl...mmg suka glamour tu my sis tu.. XD

    thanks cin *hugs

  10. thanks gallivanter XD