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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Yet another update

I'm sleepy.

This is wut I had for lunch yesterday. Yes, chicken rice XD

With soup

It was hot and sunny in the morning, it wasn't after noon. It started pouring around 3 - 4pm? ka? Heavy rain, almost everyone went home early XD lucky for me, I'm prepared. I got my umbrella yes! I dun wanna stay back. Berkabus oh~ dun pray pray.

Remember I told u about mimi. Who like to stomp my leg when I'm asleep? Nah! Amik ko! Mwahahah~ while she was sleeping. Calm kunun! There goes my laundry *cough.

I've been tricked! She's not sleeping. Look! Eyes wide open! XD

At nite, I tested "BROTHER". Wasted 1 glossy paper coz I put it the wrong way *cough. My bad. See, the outcome, not bad huh?

It's almost lunch time, help me think wut to eat leh T_T


  1. Anonymous12:00 PM

    I am amazed how they doggy-bagged the take-out soup and chili ... with plastic bags!!

  2. *rofl XD yes they're still doing it XD

  3. Wakakaka!! Lazy pussy cat!!!

    Oops, can you update my link to http// This is my new domain. Thks

  4. just passing by massy... free odi today. finished my works yesterday. new layout ley. hehe... u tested WHAT? "BROTHER"? hahah... jk jk. i tot i saw my -cuzzy-!!

  5. aceone: sure..

    na-0: ur cousin? ahhh ic XD kekekek when can i visit ur cafe this? XD

  6. The printing's not bad! :D Wah... now you can take photos and print them out yourselves. Soon.. can buka kedai print gambar. kekekeke!

  7. mwahhahaha *evil grins XD

    yes, no need to antar kedai yes! then photo paper can slowly sneak some from my dad mwahahah *evil plan XD

  8. aduh.... nasi ayam....

  9. ya.... havent eat nasi since... last two weeks

  10. mas, i miss the chicken rice in we used to makan in gaya street sana... apa suda nama kedai tu?

  11. saiful: hehehehe omg~ u eating bread ah?

    amy: kedai deli? XD or peppermint vietnamese XD

  12. Hey Massy, those two comic strips were good! My brother cracked up after reading the first!

    Happy Merdeka to you, by the way!

  13. happy merdeka huiwen *hugs

  14. haha sadap sadap minta minta

  15. lol nun sana gaya street XD